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Is money the only motive for you to work?

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J.K. Rowling had been struggling in the grass root hierarchy for years before she became the richest woman writer on earth because of writing Harry Potter. Perhaps she had never dreamed of becoming such a rich person while striving to finish Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, but she did become a rich woman on earth by doing so. She was jobless for some time but she finally realized her dream by not pursuing to make a fortune by writing. This has been a sample story for those still struggling for survival in real life, and my topic today is: is money the only motive for you to work?

If you pursue one dream without a pause like J.K. Rowling, perhaps you will be rewarded by Fortune some time in the future. It seems that money doesn’t play an essential role in pursuing a dream. However, billions of people think differently by saying: “This is extremely rare.” I agree. And so millions of people, if not billions of, are working everyday to earn as much money as they can manage. In China the situation seems even more obvious. Everybody including the old and young seems to have nothing to do but to earn money around the clock. Indeed they defend themselves by listing following reasons:

1.Poor living conditions need improving.
If you don’t work for a day, you won’t get a day’s payment; and if you don’t work for a month, you will probably feel worried about your living condition because you need to survive in the civilized human world where money is the tool. If you have no enough money to eat, you will starve someday; and if you don’t have a room to live in, you will probably sleep on the street. This is truer than gold, seemingly. Working helps earn money. Why not work to get it?

2.Many people look down upon those who live in poor conditions.
Not sure whether people in the West do so (I believe some do), I know many people today in China think like this. If you earn less, you will wear cheaper clothes, which is a laughing stock. If you earn less, you won’t have enough money to live like a real gentleman. In China, if you have no enough money, you may not have a chance to marry, because the girl’s parents may think you are not able to raise a family. “To erase this discrimination, I need to work only for money.” Why not work only for money?

3.You may want to compare your living condition with other rich people’s.
Comparison makes us worry. You may have bought a house of 100 square meters which has been routinely decorated, and you are satisfied. But when you have a richer friend, whose house is 150 square meters and the house has been lavishly decorated. This time you may not consider yourself an able person. “So work harder to get such a house!” Now money becomes the only motive for you to work. You don’t care about your lengthened working time or even your health, because your aim is to buy such a house. 

4.Some people extremely hope to live like an emperor.
An emperor in China’s history is considered the richest person in the country. Lots of people admire emperors because their living style is like a god’s. The only solution to reaching it is to get as much money as possible without considering anything else. Now the goal is clear: making money! 

5.Getting more money can help raise a happier family.
I think this is nearly the most basic purpose of working. “I have a family with 5 members--my wife, I and three children. We need to have a bowl of rice each day. If possible, we want to live separately in several rooms of a house. We need a car to drive us. We need enough money to raise our children and try to get them well-educated. Sometimes my parents and my wife’s parents need financial help especially for treating disease. Money should be the only one I pursue for work.” Some people may think like this.

Reasons like these are numerous. But is money the only motive for you to work? 

After learning the success story of J.K. Rowling, I had been hoping to become a person like her, and I think many people on earth hope so too. She worked for a dream and finally realized her dream and got more than enough money. It sounds so beautiful. But we still work each and every day to make a living. What a joke! 

I had some bad working experiences in the past. In my terrible experiences I learned that I was not happy even though I was paid much. In a working environment if you can work happily with your boss, director, colleagues and other staff, I think you will find your job interesting and are willing to work on in the company. If highly paid, but you lose your working friends, lose your happiness and joy, and even lose a great dream by pursuing money, then I think money is now nothing. Of course, for some people who have suffered from money loss and starvation, this can still be something. But that only means he is still struggling on the edge of survival or on a special mission he must accomplish for some greater purposes. 

Money still plays an extremely important role in my current life, and many people are facing the same situation like me. When I work in a friendly environment, I feel relieved and pleased even I am paid less. When I work in an unfriendly environment, I feel so worried about tomorrow. Anxiety hovers over my head all day long. So, I choose to do a job which makes me feel at ease and can earn a decent salary. And this time I have more time to do what I can really do and what that can lead me to my final destination. 

What do you think?

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