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Tragic Snape, Great Love

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The final book of the Harry Potter series was finished in 2007, and its final movie was released in 2012. They have left us for several years, and their peak seasons have gradually disappeared. But when you pick up the books and read them again, or watch the movies again, you cannot help reminding yourself of Severus Snape, the tragic figure with great love.
In the Harry Potter series the most fascinating element is J.K. Rowling’s mesmerizing and bust-breaking imagination which has built up the Hoggwatts kingdom. However, the thing that strings the whole seven books and movies is love, such as James’ and Lily’s love of Harry, Harry’s love of his parents, the love between Ron and Herminey, Snape’s love of Lily (Harry’s mom) and so on. Obviously Snape’s tragic fate and love of Lily have impressed many of the readers and viewers including me.
Snape has loved Lily since he was ten and broke his ties with her after entering the magic school when James came in and took her away. The dark wizard hoped Lily could become a member of Slytherine where he belongs, but she was chosen by the Sorting Hat to become a witch in Grindore where James once stayed. Lily hates dark arts, while Snape loves it and would be willing to follow the Dark Lord after school. They had different beliefs and were separated by fate. Lily’s love had since then turned to her husband James before she was murdered, while the dark arts wizard has never stopped his love of her even after she left him and died. In fact, that whether Lily loved him or not before they entered Hogwatts still remains a secret.

Snape is a great wizard skilled at Defence Against the Dark Arts and potion making. However, he is not a man who was great in the beginning. After his best love turned to his enemy James, he was sad and became jealous, and finally leaked Harry Potter’s parents’ information to the Dark Lord who was also helped by his follower Worm Tail to kill Lily and James.
After Lily died, he felt guilty of himself very much because his love of Lily has never stopped and he has indirectly killed his beloved one. Since then he has borne the burden of guilt and never married afterwards. Harry Potter is the only survivor of the death curse Avada Kadavra, but with a lightning scar on his forehead. After Harry entered Hogwatts, Snape has been assigned the mission by Dumbledore to protect him from the Dark Lord. In fact, he hates the son of James but loves the mother of the boy. He was not intended to do so but Dumbledore said: “He has Lily’s eyes..” With pain and guilt, he has been carrying out the mission until the end of his life. However, he has been misunderstood by Harry and many of the students and teachers who support Harry. Out of his own character and the word of Dumbledore, he has never revealed a word of this mission to Harry or anyone until his death day arrives.
In the seventh book J.K. Rowling tells us the loyal man is attacked by Nigini, the snake of the Dark Lord. When he is dying and Harry arrives in time, he takes out his memory and hands it to Harry, who finally learns the whole story of the mission by pouring it into the magic memory basin named Pensive. It is from this memory that Harry learns the man has been protecting him under the mission of Dumbledore who had used the wizard’s deep love of his mother to lure him to do so. In addition, the memory also shows that Snape has stored his memories with Lily in them always in his heart. He is a tragic figure but never regrets loving the lady who became the wife of someone else. He is a man with great love.

Snape holds Lily in his arms after she was killed by Voldemort

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