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Do you want traffic?

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Traffic has several meanings in English, such as road traffic, internet traffic, drug trafficking and so on. But this article will only focus on talking about internet traffic--one of the most important elements for online activity. Without traffic, probably without business and money. Truth be told, without traffic, I would lose my job. Since it is so important, I have one question: do you want it?
I don’t need to think for a second to guess your answer. I know you want it. Traffic is not something that can only bring money to a business but reputation and fame to you. It is diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby and gold. In this big data time nearly everything is online, you cannot refuse it. When you post a piece of information on your personal space online, you hope your friends, relatives, brothers, sisters, and even strangers to click through and see what you have posted. Although you don’t earn money, you enjoy being clicked and viewed and cared about by others. Or if you write an article and post it onto a certain platform, you wish people to click through and read your work.
But this is your personal business and has nothing to do with commerce. For commercial purposes, billions of websites have been built to attract visitors for the sake of earning more traffic even than they really deserve, because poor quality content can always be found on their sites. To earn traffic, the world’s giant search engines (such as Google, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo) have been used by numerous business men and women across the world. To get more traffic, many online sales websites such as Alibaba, Amazon and ebay have invented their unique or similar inside-website search functions in the name of improving user experience (indeed it has this aim, while it ultimately aims to bring more traffic to their own sites.). Also, Chinese and foreign social media and news websites have actively invented various search functions to boom their traffic.
Yes, this is a traffic-abducted world. Without it many people like me would have to beg for living. Getting traffic is not a bad action, while getting it in unreasonable or illicit ways are not acceptable. In one of my previous article Do you write for traffic or popularity? I have mentioned something about unacceptable traffic building. And today this article might become the second episode of it. Traffic is what you want, but do you do it in reasonable ways?
Recently I read one article about traffic building. The article introduces one American guy who has an online company aiming to earn traffic. Thus, he and his company “take” information from anywhere they think useful and then recreate their own information with it, even though they don’t care about the real quality of such information as long as long the information can attract audience and bring unstoppable traffic. Moral standards at this time must have been smashed, and some online laws must have been broken too. But they earn traffic and are loved by their readers.
My friend who worked in Beijing thinks this is a good idea, and I also have to think so, for compared with this American guy, we are all left behind. Everyday I am craving to bring much traffic to our website, while this cannot become real. So, I feel jealous about what this man is doing. But I still have one threshold in my mind that stops me. Has the real value of quality already lost its market? Since you know today we don’t even carefully read an article as we did before. We scan such information in a few minutes or seconds as long as such information can temporarily satisfy our vanity or release our stress from overloaded work. We don’t care about quality, and so traffic is naturally directed to the sites where useless information of this kind is provided. Also, I know many information companies are doing so. I am not saying this is wrong, just meaning that this is not a good phenomenon.
Do you still love traffic? I think I do because I cannot let my boss tell me: “You are fired because our website has no traffic at all!” I love writing, all kinds of styles that just sneak out of my mind. Although I have a good aim, I have a bad habit: trying to check out how many clicks I earn from my writings. I love to be clicked through, the more the better. But if what I write is so interesting and meaningful or even helpful, I think I deserve it; if not, I just have to tell myself: you are a hypocrite. Indeed, many times I am such a person. This is not good. I hope I can improve.
To get traffic or not to get traffic, this seems to be a serious problem. What do you think?

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