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Are you afraid of letting go?

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“In order to achieve the fulfilling life that you hope for, you need to possess an attitude of giving and improving the lives of others.”

This is one sentence of the seventh chapter of our star blogger Mr. Micheal Murphy’s book Instant Immersion Through Powerful Attitudes. When I first read it, I got excited because it flushed my mind with a good idea: To get, you first need to give. Sometimes I prefer to say that even without getting, we still need to give. Indeed the author also said so and did it.

During the long march of blogging on this blog platform, I have at least mentioned twice of my beloved one who has already left me for her own good future. One is “Can you hear the voice of your heart?”, and the other “Wait, I’m here.” Some friends commented I couldn’t let go of the past, and I inwardly denied their comments because I told myself: “I just had this thread of feeling. Nothing more!” However, when I faced myself, I realized it was not so as I defended myself. I didn’t let go although the feeling was not strong.

Many days ago I found the audio version of the Buddhist class book Diamond Sutra (《金刚经》) explained by the renowned monk Jingkong (净空). I didn’t really seriously listened to it but did listen on the go. I was astonished by his explanation of returning to the true nature of oneself. During his explanation of the book, I remember he said of getting and letting go. He said he had no money, but he also said others donated so much money to him and he gave it away. Now he is a person beyond all our thinking of a great man.

From my point of view Murphy and this great monk share the idea of letting go. Since the moment I listened to the audio, I have tried to let go, and helped by this book I have felt more power inside of me that can drive me to move forward.

However, what I see each day is the disturbing truth that people only think about themselves and always curse or complain about reality. One of my good friends now working in Beijing is a typical person of this kind. He thinks life is not fair and always feels painful about his living standard or the social reality which is indeed tough while still I can see hope. He complains to me, to others of our common friends or even some who hate him to do so. After reading this book, I told him: Being too smart is painful. But I am not saying we should keep a stupid attitude. I just mean keeping an attitude of letting go of your miserable and depressing feelings can keep you happy and become even happier. In fact, he earns much more money than I do.

Most of us (including me) are afraid of giving away money, for if so, our capital becomes less and this makes us feel unsafe. Therefore, we rack our brains to get more money even without thinking about the ways of getting it. Some may say: “I feel happy although I am painful.” Although we have donation agencies, not many people would love to do so. Yes, indeed I know some scandalous events of corruption have made us feel timid. But when you go back home and sit down returning to your true mind, do you really have an idea of letting go?

Monk Jingkong has given away his donations, and he even doesn’t need any money to sustain life, for others (average people) donate to him because he teaches us how to let go. Our blogger Murphy wrote he ever gave away two rolls of dollars to a poor beggar standing at a freeway in the U.S., when his friend just couldn’t understand why he did so. He said he was not afraid of giving away the money. Is he poor today? You know he is not. In China, we think beggars are disguised by rich people who want to become richer. Indeed many of them are such people. But I also saw poor creatures begging, not many people wanted to donate even a coin. They thought they were cheaters.

Several days ago I saw a piece of video news online, which describes a homeless man in America bought food with the money given by a stranger who was in fact a person wanting to test how a homeless man dealt with the money, and then shared his food with other homeless people he didn’t know. I was moved and I believe many who have watched it have been positively influenced. He gave away his money and won others’ respect and love although he is still homeless.

However, for most of us, letting go of something important at hand is extremely difficult, for we are educated: having it is better than having no it. Still I am struggling with this idea, and I see some hope and I am learning this idea. For me, I try to let go of my emotional pain because I have no so many material things to lose and also because I care mentality much more than others. For you, my friend, what’s your idea?

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Reply Report SEARU 2014-12-29 10:12
I feel that as if I have seen a lightning in your mind!
Reply Report leixiangping 2014-12-29 10:30
are you a believer of Buddhism or something? I don't understand the Zen or the Buddhism-styled logic, but i do guess it is of great use to smooth our mood. I prefer Taoism and Atheism, because i think to worship a God is torturing.

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