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Naked outdoor swimming pool

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Summer swimming is an interesting way to play, and can also make you feel cool and relaxed in hot weather. Those who reside in cities can visit indoor or outdoor swimming pools that are located at different corners of cities, but where should those who reside in suburban areas go during this hot season?
It was reported by (or Phoenix News) that one unknown swimming pool located on the Sixth Ring Road of Beijing in Fangshan District has attracted a few naked swimmers recently. Since it is located in the open air, those who come here for coolness are all male visitors, and some swimmers think this is the paradise for men. And these swimmers often visit this pool after lunch, and they bask and chat during their happy time too. Some may think being naked outdoors should be a serious problem, while the residents, especially the female residents living nearby think it is not a problem at all, for this pool is tens of meters away from the main road and passers-by cannot see the naked swimmers from afar clearly.
In fact, this cannot be a piece of news if this happens in my hometown - a distant village from big cities and even not in the suburban area. And if these swimmers are not naked, maybe this will never be news either. So, is naked swimming in the open air not appropriate? Or is swimming in a place unauthorized and lacking safety measures something that is the concern? Or any other? On this news, netizens have their own comments.
“If this doesn’t disturb others, I think it is okay.”
“This is good. At least it is better than naked swimming on the beach. Anyway, they are males, not an ethnical problem.”
“I remember, when I was a child, we all swam wearing nothing. This is a natural way.”
“The editor has too much free time! (Suggesting this cannot be news)”
“For a child, this is okay. But for adults, this is shameful!”
“This is a remote place, and has never disturbed others. Let them enjoy their freedom!”
The news itself is not so interesting, while these comments have given me a smile. Different people towards the same thing have different ideas. However, most comment makers seemingly don’t feel this is something disturbing, and some have mentioned “natural” and “free”. I think this is very reasonable, for the natural humanity should be like this. I was once young and naughty, and had swum many times in the river running beside our village along with many of my childhood friends and other adults. We never thought this wasn’t good or should be cursed or despised. But our parents cared more about our safety, for indeed some children died in the water. But for this news, my view is positive although safety measures are lacking, for I think those who come here can fully protect themselves. But if you read this news, what is your point of view?



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Reply Report SEARU 2014-8-12 18:14
According to international Law, adults must have pants on when they swim!
Reply Report ampraxu123 2014-8-13 01:22
SEARU: According to international Law, adults must have pants on when they swim!
I don't know about this. Thanks for telling me this.
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-8-13 09:36
Thanks for sharing your thought.
Reply Report SEARU 2014-8-13 09:55
ampraxu123: I don't know about this. Thanks for telling me this.
The 'law' is the potential regulations in the deep minds of most of the people on the Earth!
Reply Report 财神 2014-8-13 14:29
SEARU: According to international Law, adults must have pants on when they swim!
Reply Report csj478504919 2014-8-13 22:55
uff... No need making a big deal of it.
Reply Report ampraxu123 2014-8-14 00:44
csj478504919: uff... No need making a big deal of it.
I also thnk so. This is not a big deal. But the strange reality is this new went viral on many Chinese major news websites. Since it is news, I thought I needed to voice my ideas.
Reply Report 财神 2014-8-14 09:33
csj478504919: uff... No need making a big deal of it.
at least people realized the human primitive life of stone age. that's the originality but civilization is another part of latest human society.

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