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Ordinary things occupy large part of your life

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Hey, guys! Wish you have a happy day even you have spent most of them and already know you are happy or not.


Whatever forget those frustrated moments, heavy traffic, stupid screaming children in public, boring and repeated work...


I had a meal just now and a thought crossed through my mind. So I want to share with you.  I stared the rice in my bowl, hearing the murmuring of people around me. You know what ? Oh~ I thought that is life, that is what life looks like. You are so common as those people around you. No one will notice you except that you scream like a wild child in public. Why I happen to think about that? Back to a few minutes ago, I browsed my Wechat friend circle. People show their photos recording the happy moment. That's so sweet and they look so happy. (Sorry, I shouldn't lie. It is not totally sweet at all. How could you show off your sweet life to people like me sitting at a restuartant with full of strangers. Especially when I am Alone!!! It looks so lonely..Welcome you to image it. By the way, do you know how to say "自拍婊" or Zi Pai Biao, "Zi Pai" means selfie. Zi Pai Biao is a kind of person love to post their selfies in social media and they even post too much disturbng others'emotion. I called them "selfie bit*h". Because "Biao" in Chinese is equal to bit*h)



Did I stray away from the point? OK, go on my story..

Everyday, basically everyday we repreat yesterday and the day before yesterday..Happy things will pop up sometimes when you don't realized them. When you came back to search them, you find them so sweet and so short, just like a flame on a tiny match. You laugh, laugh in tears, you embrace someone you love, in the arm of someone you need, you got a shoulder to cry, you have a lot friends to talk and to play with, you are so young and full of much things I can come up. Hey, how could you forget such moments? Whe you came back to search them in your mind, they have become pieces mosaic ornaments of your memory, not so obviously but shining like a spark. And the things between these debris are totally blank. Yes, you didn't get me wrong. Totally blank. Actually I am a person easy to forget things. The happy time I can remember, if they can be pieced together, will not as long as a short movie. May be 2 minutes or 3 minutes, who knows? And you will know what fills those blanks. That's our ordinary life. Sleeping, eating in a restaurant alone, watching TV, surfing the internet, browsing Wechat, none of them is special and you forget them quickly. However, these nothing special constitute the whole of our life.


Maybe you will say "Oh~ I know what you mean. You encourage people to live a more speciall life and you will have more to memorize at your old age."


If you think so, you are too young too simple...


Actually I'd rather admit that I am a totally ordinary person among hundreds of thousands of people. I am not positive to make so many happy moments and I am not a person have so much energy to do crazy things.


I am ordinary...That's all I want to say. Do you feel the absolutely negative message in this blog that I send to you. Wish you happy time.



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