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What do you feel when meeting someone better than you?

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Hey, after looking at this topic, you may say what did I mean by "better". How do I define "better". Er...Let me see..I really meet some questions hunting myself. I know I shouldn't bother myself with such meaningless questions. Yes, as we always know, there is no need to compare yourself with others. However, I can't do that...can't help is the problem.

You know if you are a female, you meet a male who is wiser and has higher salary. And if you are happen to a single and in need of a boyfriend or a husband, I think the guy can be listed in your potential husbands (OK if you have such list). But for a male, it is not always true, a male will not include such great girl in his target list, especiall the girl is smart, attractive (in sexual), kind hearted and chased by lot guys. He may think that himself is not good enough to be someone of that girl. And for that guy, will you still advice him to stop comparing his' disadvantage with his potential competitors's advantage??? If a girl really love you, she will not mind your SAT score (Wait! Are you serious? How can you believe such a bullshit). Will you to sleep with a guy whose IQ lower than you? No offence, just say truth even it is pathetic.

I know we grow from different families and come from different places. Of couse there are so many things different among us. So when I meet someone who have lived a life that I once desired, oh no, why couldn't I live such a life, back to my life several years ago, it is totally pale and has nothing special to boast. Such thoughts fly to and for in my little frastrated mind.

What a pity! May be you can do what you want, but you can't get what you want. Even you get what you want you may find it is not what you need. Life is a mobius strip...Sometimes I can't find a exit and was traped in such meaningless questions. Only by writting down there questions, can I feel better.

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