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It is hard to tell who is hypocrite

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    I think you have all heard that Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao handed out 100 dollar to homeless people with people refusing his donation in New York. The next day, in Manhattan, he held a donation ceremony at the upscale Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, where he promised to hand out 300 USD in cash to each person. But failing to get the money caused dissatisfaction and anger of most poor.

Some people criticize he is stupid to donate money to American poor instead Chinese counterparts. And someone say he is a media seeker, his donation is not out of heart but want to show off his fortune. And someone even think the one who really want to help others is not willing to let others to remembers for example Lei Feng, the most warm hearted solider in China.

    In my opinion, nowadays the media mass has got a great improvement, so if one wants to help others without spreading his reputation seems impossible. After all, the age of Lei Feng has passed. Maybe American poor have high level social security, it cannot became the reason that Chen should help Chinese people first because how to spend his money is his own business. And what make me confuse is that one cannot be considered truly philanthropist if he exposes himself to media, so is it a hidden rule? So who is a real hypocrite, Chen or internet mob?

    I think the point of the event is not to judge whether to help American poor, but the way he help. I don’t think handing out cash directly to them cannot make them poverty free but creating a culture of dependency. If he really want to save them from poverty, he needs to think a better way.

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