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Something and Pictures about My Trip to Mount Tai

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    I climbed Mount Tai, Tai’an in Shandong province at night in order to experience loneliness and a terror of the dark. Some of my friends thought it was crazy and persuaded me to change my mind, because they thought it is dangerous to hike for a girl alone especially at night! But I declined it. All the time I want to do what I want and to choose the way of my life. That sounds a little willfulness?


    In this experience I had been seeking the peace of mind and a kind of aesthetic, the climbing taking considerable time and effort. Fortunately, I didn’t encounter something trouble supposed by my friends. Everything was ok; I was ok except that the countless steps nearly killed my legs. Generally, the night at Mount Tai is not as beautiful as that of Mount Hua, Shaanxi province (my hometown). So I don’t know why it is so famous for top of “Five Great Mountains”. That really disappointed me! No offend; actually Mount Tai is a place of worship during most of its history and served as a ceremonial center in China. The religion essence is more than the mountain itself.


    I suppose everyone may encounter something really hard to go through in his or her whole life, and you have no choice but just push, push, and push yourself to go. You may through it or may not, I know the feeling of overcoming difficulties is amazing, but we cannot define the former is success and the later is failure. If you try your best, you should be proud of yourself.


A plane happened to cross the sky

On the way to the summit of Mount Tai, the the zigzag and tortuous paths (or ShiBa Pan) When you look back the way you pass, it is really like a dream.

Rememer everything is gonna be ok, the sun will always there.

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