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Hope to get a chance to go to Ireland.

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Ireland is the country that I want to visit most.When it comes to Ireland,I would remember the world-famous Irish boy band Westlife.It is them who have aroused my interest in knowing more about Ireland.
Another aspect makes Ireland impressive for me is its special regulations and rules on marrige.It possesses the lowest divorce rate around the world.The law ordered that the longer both parties promise to get married, the less money they need to pay for the marriage, with 2,000 pounds for a year and 0.5 pounds for a century.
Ireland is packed with so many delights that I cannot resist its charm.I love it because it is the greenest country in the world, with 80 percent forest cover rate.The weather is pleasant for me as I am afraid of  hotness.The backgroud color of its national emblem is blue, on which a golden harp is painted. Harp is my favourite musical instrument with superior sound and for Irish people it symbolizes peace, quietness and universal love,encouraging them to move forward with a indomitable spirit.Meanwhile is also shows the how important music is to Irish people.
If I went to Ireland I also look forward to visiting the musuems there, which enables me to comecloser to its culture. I cannot miss to go to Dublin Writers Museum, where I can know more about the famous literature giants in the past 300 years Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw included.It is said that the education system is also excellent and most of people have received higher education.
For me, Ireland is a fantastic country to see. I hope someday I have the chance to go there .

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