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thought from a rabbit

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The moment of deciding to love it means you have triggered a mission impossible. It's like you saw a cute cuddly rabbit through a shop window, you tried really hard to pursued the shopper to sell it to you.

After you paid a fortune for this cute little thing, the amount of excitement of getting the things you want gives you hope and all the beautiful fantasies of a wonderful future. 

Little did you know, you couldn't handle this baby from the first week, the constantly feeding and clingy are tiring you out,  especially the scratching noise it made on its own cage make you cannot get a complete sleep. The rabbit hates you because you never feed what it wants, you hate the rabbit because it poops too much and way too noisy at night.  Apparently you've forgotten its cute look from the shop window, at this moment, only thing you want to do is sending this rabbit away. 

You started to regret getting this rabbit, blame yourself that why didn't you check up the precautions about raising a rabbit? it's not fair on the rabbit either, it didn't had the chance to be with a better person who can taking better care of it. 

Until the day you finally find someone to gave the rabbit to, all the guilts from unable to taking care of the rabbit eventually got released. You used ' we did had a great time together ' to relief yourself in the first week of the rabbit absence. Then you told everyone ' theres no perfect love' to make others agree on your decision.

Luckily it's only a rabbit, what if it's something important in your life you meet which bothered you, tortured you and you cannot just leave it to others?  or even someone you promised to a wonderful future but you given up because of some difficulties? 

If there's always a next time, we would only hope to spend the chance wisely next time. What if there's only one shot? If it's a rabbit, we can send to someone who knows how to raise it, if it's something we can fix, just try to fix it. :> 

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  • The “hidden messages” in relationships 2016-12-21 08:42

    BlondeAmber: LOL
    I come from a country where there are large buildings and evidence of complex engineering that are dating from well; over 6000  years ago, yet i d ...
    it does gives me a hard time to locate you from your description:)

    Anyways, aging it is a problem to China definitely I agree with you. But it also a global problem, countries like Japan, Germany, Italy are all seeking a solution to solve this problem.  for China, the topic " China has stepped into an aging society" has listed in the news long way before we started. several years ago I've read that on paper.

    Conclusion is China has aware of this problem and solution towards it would be consider new young immigrations as well as create more related job opportunities.

    As China is now in an economic transition period - also several years ago it pointed out its moving towards technology creation direction. the economic structure will change GDP will have a fall in between the junction. But what we can't predict is,  it might raise afterwards.

    The good hearted kids still will be taking care of their elderly parents and the baddies will continue not taking care of their elderly parents. I've emphasized many times, this situation is not for everyone in China. It did happen, many times in those weird places. which I reckon is a neglect during the fast developing of the economy.

    The China media... they do block a lot of information but it doesn't really block the ones wanted to see more :)  actually most media do the same, other countries media also relatively only report the bad side of other countries of course sometimes themselves.  You also can see a lot of negative news about other countries in China and vice versa.

    no..pollution is not a natural disaster... but it was controlled by government, somehow it improved for a couple of months then it become bad again (I saw people posted in my wechat group) well -- i'm not in China at the moment I don't have a say here I 'll go home "experience" it by myself ...not quite looking forward to it on this point as I saw the pictures

  • The “hidden messages” in relationships 2016-12-19 14:00

    I come from a country where there are large buildings and evidence of complex engineering that are dating from well; over 6000  years ago, yet i don't feel the need to mention this when i don't want like the way a conversation is going.

    Yes I do know that China allows more than 1 child now, but this will do nothing to help those retiring in the next 10-15 years (or longer) as they will still all be children and unable to contribute to society in a meaningful way and care for the elderly as they still need care themselves.

    At the same time the elderly population will peak and there won't be the hospital resources to cope for this, or maybe even the financial resources within families as they will be focused on the child's education.
    I predict there will be a surge in elderly death from unnatural causes as either poverty or family pressure will make them think they are a 'burden'.

    Having lived and worked in China for a number of years, i have observed much that Chinese tv would not like people outside to see.
    Whereas at home, exposing all the darker sides of life is seen as an attempt to address it and find a solution.

    By sticking it's head in the sand about many things or pretending it is not happening won't make things go away.
    Take the example of reclassifying smog and polluted air (a man made problem) as a 'natural disaster' in Beijing and Tianjin officials seem to be pretending there is nothing they can do.

    I for one don't believe tv because certainly in China it is not unbiased.
    For the rest of the world, you can access multiple points of view on the same topic you can make up your own mind.

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