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A love story on the train back to home

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It has been almost a half month that I was absent from here. I was involved in the paper-checking of the CET-6 translation and composition. It took almost half a month and I was so tired of of this time. After that, I took a train and come back to home (Shanghai-Luoyang- Sanmenxia-yuncheng-Hejin-My village, is the station I have been stopped and finally got back to home after almost 27 hours on the way.)

I took a train from Shanghai to Luoyang first to go back to home, because there is no direct train to my home. There were not so many passengers as I imagined before, but still, there were many people who did not get seats. Passengers who had to stand to go back to home this time were much more clever, because they all carried portable chairs. 

There was a special couple beside me. The husband talked quite actively with the other passenger. The wife looked happy and satisfied. At first, he was giving his comments about some international affairs, but the wife teasedHave not you realized you were the only one talking all the way? Are you sure you are right?It was just an intimate interaction between the couple, then the husband said, Then I am gonna tell people something real and moving- our love story. The wife blushed and put her face on the lap of her husband (they were sitting on the chairs). 

The following is the love story between them.

Three years ago, I was working in a construction site in Shanghai. I was hardworking like most of the workers there and I know my mom is also waiting for me to come back with a wife. I was worried for I am actually older than most of the other workers. One day, she, ten years younger than me, came up in front of me and asked to have dinner with her. We have been working together and she is young and beautiful. I only knew it was my honor to have the chance to know her. Then at the table, she ordered a pack of beer to us. I was amazed and do not know what she was doing. She drank a beer and asked me, do I have a girl friend. I said no and I asked her back the question. She said no too and said she has been into me for a long time because I am talkative, optimistic and hardworking.

Maybe this is quite normal to you students, but it means a lot to me. I have no money, no house and no position. I am exactly a live example of so called naked marriage. I told her so but she was determined about this and believe that we would have a bright future although we were now only ordinary workers. At that year, I took her to my hometown and promised her to make more money and build a new house for her. She was moved and said my heart was the most important thing. However, I know what promise means and I know I will make this promise kept for her. Later, she took me to her home. I was so afraid that her parents would be against us because I am from a Small village in Lanzhou province, ans she is from Guizhou province, which is very far away from my hometown. To my surprise, her father said, I believe in my daughter, and I only have one requirement from you, that is, you have to make a celebration and let everybody in my community know that my daughter is married to a man, not elopes or illegally trafficked. I made it too and married her finally. 

Now, we have two sons, a new house in the village. Although we are not as rich as others, but we are happy together. I have never fought with my wife and I still love her so much.

He said there are still many stories in their life, but he cannot spill them all in once. I listened and was moved by their story. They are simple and know how to live a happy life. In the train carriage, they did not even have seat. However, with their portable chairs, they were happy together. I saw smile and admiration on everybodys face. The fast-speed life did not infect them; the commercialized society did not make them greedy; the other peoples life did not make them restless. I realize sometimes we ask too much from our loved ones and life, so we are not happy and always in pursuit of the others happiness. Something we have may be neglected by us then. I even got my seat on the train, so I was luckier than them and should be gratuful for that.

on the train (The busy trasportation during Spring Festival)

Snowy Luoyang(beside a bus station)

Frozen Yellow River

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Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-2-5 11:48
Hey, 颖. I was just attracted by your topic and read your article carefully. Thanks for your share and I am moved by the couple's love story, really. I can feel that you do learn a lot from that and I do. That's why I like taking the train, where I could experience something different tat can make sense in my life.
Reply Report cecilia颖 2016-2-5 21:17
Echo/hanhan: Hey, 颖. I was just attracted by your topic and read your article carefully. Thanks for your share and I am moved by the couple's love story, really.  ...
thank you, Echo.    everytime when we take the train, we have different experience... it is always mysterious...I hope you a happy train trip and Chinese New Year. Thank you so much...And next time when I have to stand, I think I will also buy a portable chair with me. haha
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-2-5 23:00
cecilia颖: thank you, Echo.      everytime when we take the train, we have different experience... it is always mysterious...I hope you a happy train trip a ...
Haha, thank you. You are so funny , Yeah , maybe you can try a. portable chair next time.  you, too. Happy New Year.
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-2-7 09:07
listening others to tell their stories on the train is a wonderful experience when you returned home on spring rush .
Reply Report Kevinfly 2016-2-16 09:59
A lot of people always admire other's life, they set others standard of success as theirs. I am wondering whom they are living for. We every one should know what we want from life and fight for it, now live in others life style.
Reply Report Swifty55 2016-7-24 05:26
Such a nice sweet love story. Thanks for sharing and I am very happy life can be so wonderful.

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