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That is not the hometown we miss but the people we love

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for  <The shadow thief>

No matter how popular or how classic it is , at the end I will try to read it to prove it is or not, and so does this time .

Honestly it is not so perfect when at the beginning of my reading ,I have no clue the problem is the dull translation or the boring original tone of author, anyway that can be the masterpiece. And I also find that this work was a little noisy and pretention which make me have no fancy to it .

I could only say the idea is wonderful and someone who can steal other’s shadow and exchange his with each , hear the secrets from the other. Like a soul talker. But if it is a soul talker ,then the plot will be so common and ordinary . but I still can find something meaningful.

The childhood ,friendship ,first-love and dream , those are not special but make life not weary .that is all it is . what we pursue in our whole live , apparently not money, reputation or honor ,we no more cheer ourselves happy and make people around us happy ,that is what we really want to do .and so all these can be the perpetual topic in novel .

And so does this novel , the little chap lost his father and suffer in the school and his mother gave him warmth and his fellow gave him courage ,his little lover gave him love.

That is a moving story , a girl seems deaf and dumb but actually she is just autistic , and two little children shared with the love in the beach and gave promise to each other.(the girl who can use the kite to express love will be the best girl to the boy ,and so does Claire)

And finally with the time lapsing , the beach ,tower ,ocean are far away ,and friends ,lover also ,we finally should face the adulthood, no matter there is no dream at all .

A man in a miserable situation and kill his time, maybe life was not aloof to him, he got a pretty lover ,a not bad job as a probation doctor and met his friends again . I do not know those all his friends or just the shadow of memory , just one moment, I thought he was living in the past or just get related to the past. And happily there is a good ending and lovely enough to make men touched. But still shadow , I just think all the things is in that boy’s dream and one day the dream is broken and he is awake like Do Ra Am(Japanese famous canton)

The girl had grown up and so had the boy. And I know the reality is they would not  get back anymore even they got together , some memory are just left for us to remember not relive.

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    Good to see you back!  Hope things go well for you with your new girlfriend.  Hope she learns not to beat on you but to talk things out.  Over time you will know if you are right for each other.

    looking forward to reading more posts.  Good luck my friend!

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