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In Jinan and tonight there is raining dogs and cats . while I feel peaceful in my heart because I had been reading LAO SHE(the well-know Chinese author)I read a lot of his books like the LUO TUO XIANG ZI , he is famous with the play named TEAHOUSE  and I did not like him actually, because I do not like pretentious individuals, of course everyone do not as well .

So that why I didn’t like him before, and his essays are in the Chinese textbooks. That is the reason I feel more uncomfortable about him .but actually I remember his article named the autumn of JI NAN and even I am in Shang dong University which most of its campus are in JI NAN I am still stubborn enough not to pay attention to him. And now I just chose his book as the necessary work for students who major in Chinese language and literature .

so I began to read a book of his named The Happy Loneness , a collection of his some essays.  

Then I read a interesting man who enjoyed his life in JI NAN, who travel the Mountains of Thousand Buddha(now one of our campus )and  the Spring of BAO TU (also one of our campus )and the Lake of Great Ming. I do not meant that the author were showing these attractions are so wonderful or splendid even they are ,just say that he was enjoying little happiness in his life.

And before some days  I had impulse to stay abroad for a while , I still have that impulse ,and I am writing a long fiction and have contract with one seems reliable association and I can get some cash from that .

About that impulse, I even had talked with Maierwei and I do not want to waste my parents money and maybe I can stay in Russia which is close to China. and many men asked me ,why you went abroad ,for study or for work ,I said I just have a lot of reasons.

I thought China is not very awful country, but Chinese style is still not a compliment for foreigners ,and I can feel that others still have some prejudice on China and maybe China is still low. And furthermore I want to see the world more wisely ,I can’t have right to say what I do not know .even I have friends and I know a lot of western styles ,I still think the reality is different ,and by  the way It is a beautiful way to stay a strange country and enjoy your peaceful life ,at least I dream of it and I will try my best to achieve it .  


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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-6-6 22:54
Woof and Meeow from Beijing.    Bad rain today here too, but improved tonight!
Reply Report 286633460 2014-6-6 22:55
ColinSpeakman: Woof and Meeow from Beijing.      Bad rain today here too, but improved tonight!
yea , good luck ~
Reply Report SEARU 2014-6-6 23:29
1) I think Russia is cold !  
2) A nice essay!
Reply Report 286633460 2014-6-7 08:42
SEARU: 1) I think Russia is cold !  
2) A nice essay!
short and clear comment , anyway In many dreamers' dream there is a place under snow and sacred.
Reply Report Hannah.E 2014-6-7 14:38
Good idea, realize it!
Reply Report 286633460 2014-6-7 15:10
Hannah.E: Good idea, realize it!
yea.I will.

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    looking forward to reading more posts.  Good luck my friend!

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