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I thinks some countries owe us an apology

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  This article do not want to be mean to foreigners, if it hurts somebody’s feeling then I apologize at first .

  First of all, I want to talk about is the history which is about the eight countries invading Beijing city. This history that all of Chinese know but never be mentioned now in the world. I know that we should show friendly and generous to the friendly countries who are in friendship with our country but forgetting history means betrayal.

  In the history, Japan government was punished by the UN and our first president Mao did not request any compensation for the peace sake. Even in the war, the whole Japanese troop did the unforgiving crime. But they gave us a formal apology even it was not so formal. As for this event,the eight countries invaded China and conquered Beijing city for avenging and protecting the lives of their people in China. And Qing dynasty just surrendered and apologized. But to the end, who was going to be blamed, Chinese or another countries , I do not think it was an act of avenging or self-protecting ,it is a crime. a large number of foreign soldiers killed citizens (even children and the old without mercy)raped  girls and old women and stole anything they can stole. What a mess. Is that right? Even some officers of the foreign troops was shocked . and most terrible thing of all ,the treasures and books in the capital was destroyed and stolen by the ignorant soldiers. The treasure and culture of five thousand years severely suffered a great loss,who took this accusation! 

      And with the time went by ,many Chinese antique was still in other country’s museums and no one give us an apology. Where are the respect that many so-called free countries always talk about.

  Well, I know we should let bygones be bygones,  we can be peaceful and generous but we cannot be a pussy ,let any countries have the intention to bully us and do not pay for it!

  No offence to kind foreign friends but we should know the history and do the right things,

Isn’t it?    history tell the truth and people should confess the one can get away with it!

War let us know who are the victims

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Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-22 19:47
Most countries, including China have bad deeds in their past.

All this expecting people to appologize for things that happened long before they were born is unrealistic and lets us live for the present and the future.

Do you realise that many more relics books etc were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution than there were in all these conflicts you talk about
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-22 19:56
futsanglung: Most countries, including China have bad deeds in their past.

All this expecting people to appologize for things that happened long before they were  ...
Yes, I do not mean offence. just you know sometimes I am so sad about the famous garden (yuan ming yuan)in Beijing was destroyed and so many things was stolen and some countries still randomly sold our country's treasure.AND YES the Chinese culture revolution.that was a shame. and sometimes EVEN THANKS TO THE THEIVES TO SAVE SOME ANTIQUES.
It is still a controverial thing. but yes .let bygones be bygones.let the world peaceful forever.THANKS
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-22 19:56
In Britain we have the big debate over the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum. We have kind of got used to them!
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-22 20:03 (Pending for approval)
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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-22 22:56
286633460: Britsh is a very amazing country.In the foreign country,it's the first country I want to study in.I very adore it's culture and literature.I want to l ...
Some British behaviour  makes you upset! Would that be the Opium Wars? Sorry for those!
Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-23 08:14
286633460: Yes, I do not mean offence. just you know sometimes I am so sad about the famous garden (yuan ming yuan)in Beijing was destroyed and so many things wa ...
What happened at Yuan Ming Yuan was a disgrace but it is small fry compared to ehat the red guard destoyed in the cultural revolution.

Also China is still tearing down its history and replacing it with high rise buildings and fake " ancient " buildings.

Let us think about now, not over 100 years ago
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-23 21:09
futsanglung: What happened at Yuan Ming Yuan was a disgrace but it is small fry compared to ehat the red guard destoyed in the cultural revolution.

Also China is  ...
yes,you are right. BUT we also know a lot about the CUTURAL REVOLUTION. thank you.
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-23 21:11
ColinSpeakman: Some British behaviour  makes you upset! Would that be the Opium Wars? Sorry for those!
It's know sometimes we just need some respect. Thank you very much!
Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-24 07:09
I disagree, how many Chinese kids are now taught about what happened in the Cultural Revolution?
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-24 08:04
futsanglung: I disagree, how many Chinese kids are now taught about what happened in the Cultural Revolution?
Ok,but sometimes the history that textbook didn't tell you,would be told by your parents or your close friends or foreigners or some up-right teaches. We are not fools. we also know what happened in many incidents in China,we just don't mention it .it's the point.
Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-24 09:18
Again, in the main you are wrong.

I have asked many Chinese friends about Chinese history and their knowledge is sadly lacking, too little is tought and there is too little information available.

Tell a 16 year old Chinese that in the past the chances are that their grandparents went hungry regularly and they will not believe you, I know I have tried this often
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-24 13:16
futsanglung: Again, in the main you are wrong.

I have asked many Chinese friends about Chinese history and their knowledge is sadly lacking, too little is tought  ...
That is also an awardard situation. first of all ,sometimes many Chinese children don't know the history. that's the educational problem. If you ask the kids about which countries had invaded our country or how about the Second Opium war, few kids can know. many people just know the news they are insterested. And about the some Chinese kids didn't believe their grandparents was so poor to have food to eat. It depends on the area. some area education throw away the tradition and know nothing about China. maybe you know Confucius better than them. that's the point. now even in Britsh .Maybe many people know the Game of TRONE but don't know the ROSE WAR and YORK DUKE. that's not means we all don't know what really happened. Since China opened the market. our people also be divided into different groups. we has fools we also has elite. we do not force some people to do something out of their reach . It's enough that just some people that should know it  know it  .
Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-24 13:57
On the whole I can only speak of Shanghai as that is where I live but in that city very little history is studies in schools, in the UK history as part of the National Curriculum and is studied by all pupils.

It is also a problem with Chinese TV, how many documentaries did you see on Chinese histories? How many dramas did you see that are historically accurate?

It is also a problem with Chinese parents, they never talk to their kids about things such as this.It is a generations duty to pass on the knowedge of their lives to their offspring

I can honestly say that I know more Chinese history than most Chinese do, not from school but from visiting places in China, reading books and searching the internet.
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-24 17:44
futsanglung: On the whole I can only speak of Shanghai as that is where I live but in that city very little history is studies in schools, in the UK history as par ...
First of all, the educational system. If we don't pass the College Entrance Examination, we will lose our future as we can't be accepted by great university. But in China a country which has a large population, the College Entrance Examination is the most fair situation now. And we don't pay attention to the history , we can't pay attention to it.Because of our failure in the history ,we should develop the science to protect our country from being conquered again.and our country have 5000 years old history and a large number of history books. we even don't know which one we learn first . It is a really complicated problem. About our parents. we can't not blame them, in their time . them even had to struggle for living,even now , they just worry about our future. And more. about Mao's time. actually our economy is up fast . Maybe young man don't know it .but acutually , because of the war ,the OLD dargon waked up and the government throw away the art and history and many useless things, and we focused on economy.and we should know ,if the country do not have power to protect their country, can we protect ourselves.?   BTW there is also an idea that our land and treasure can be destroyed by our people,because we made it. and about the Chinese history, we can get the information from foreigners and foreign websites. we also can get the idea from our previous generations who had really been living in that time.
All in all, history finally will tell us the truth, and I so sorry Chinese will not tell you or can't tell you about  the disgrace things of his or her homecountry. It is a no-no. and as you said, OF COURSE Shanghai can't represent our country but I am from Hangzhou , I just don't believe that a huge city don't have any people know that things. they just don't want to tell you or can't tell you. because if you want to know the idea of Chinese. you need  long time to understand.
Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-24 19:28
I am dissapointed by your response.

Chinese education is lacking as it teaches kids to pass exams, not to gain knowledge, I know this first hand as I have kids at school in China, the education is too narrow.
It is fine for parents to consider your future, I do that for my kids as well, but it does not mean that they can not tell you about their past, your life is so much better than theres was at your age and for your Grandparents I guess their generation had very few opportunities to attend university.

Your comment " we made it, we can destroy it " is hateful, nobody has the right to destroy your heritage, it should be protected for future generations as much as possible.

Yes there are some in Shanghai that know the history of China but very few and so many times Chinese friends and my Chinese employees have said to me " how do you know so much about Chinese history, tradition and culture".

Spend 10 minutes each day to read a history book or look at history on the internet, I bet you spend longer than that every day playing games on the internet or on your smartphone.
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-24 22:08
futsanglung: I am dissapointed by your response.

Chinese education is lacking as it teaches kids to pass exams, not to gain knowledge, I know this first hand as I ...
Sorry for that. My logic is not so good.and the answer is so random and I just have too much to say. now let me reply more rational.
1.Chinese education is not so good, but now it also have some changes. but it still situable for the large country.
2.About our parents, even my family is the middle-class, I can say we lead a affluent life. when in the middle school, I write novels or fictions in the website. They also think the grades got in school are the most important thing. In China cultural stituation they just worry about my major and still want me to choose the Science (even my mother is a experienced teacher.)Finally I won many prizes and wrote some fictions then I urge I must major in Chinese. As for my mother she just know about the life when she was a child. she didn't know some history and she didn't care.Lucky my father was interested in POLITICS and HISTORY .he was the one who join the Country Community.And many times he just told me that time though they were poor,but they finally have machine and have factory. even many people sometimes were  lazy but they did some work and everyone were kind and had work and food. but since we change the policy.many factories became the personal porperties a lot of people lose their jobs. and the communities broke into these individuals and the machine can't be used . and everything had changed. yes,we are now richer than before,but if  our generation hadn't build the foundation, how can we reach there?A LITTLE RANDOM... sorry . all in all. when my parents are talking about these, few of us listen and agree. and our parents are busy in working and household stuff, how much time they have to let us know the truth. you know the Chinese education's burdern is heavy, we alway wake up at 5 AM and go to sleep at 23 pm. they are worried about our health.
3.about "we make it ,we can destroy it ", I don't mean that ,I just mean that we have much more national emotion, we can't tolerate foreign nation to take our stuff away without our permission. that is my fault. My English is not so fluent and sometimes is ridiculous.Pardon me.
4. Shanghai is a international city .it pays attention to economy.It is more mordern and I had heard Chinese language and literature in some universities was teached in English.How can the ancient characters   be totally translated into English? So we can see the history in that city also encounters that problem.And by the way In Shanghai there are few local citizen. All the bussinessmen around here.So how can you know the story from them or their children.
5.Many Chinese are "national" .If someone chose to talk to a foreigner or want to go abroad cannot be so familiar with Chinese stuff .They prefer the mordern things. And maybe I am a werido , even I major in Chinese language and literature I also have a lot of close foreign friends. Many ancient Chinese teachers disdain foreign stuff. that is the point. So that means your friends or the people want to be your friends maybe some of them are not interested in Chinese culture even look down it a little. that is not mean they are not good .just they are not interested so they cannot answer you.
6.About time .as for me . I do not play games or have time to get a girl friend,you know the  jobs I need do are reading and writing.BUT we have a lot of literature to read. we have more than 1000 CLASSICS to recite.and we need learn English we need learn THE AWESOME Chinese theory and have a lot of activities which suck very much and endless meetings and useless classes.even we are in the top 5 university in China! BTW some of the problem are not only in China.
and  if you have 10 minutes to read everyday you will just find more and more things you do not know.So some of us learn from Foreigners and just go to bar and have fun. We cannot get out of life alive, huh!most of foreigners in our universities are so crazy and get waste every night.but they are happy and get good grades.we are in a dilemma a acadimcal dilemma.
Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-25 08:20
point 1, Chinese education needs to learn how to produce idependant thinkers, at the moment it is not doing that.

point 2, the average Chinese person has a better life now than they did 20 years ago

Point 3, being Nationalistic and loving your country is great but being a blind Nationalist that can not see the faults their country has ( and every country has faults ) is wrong

Point 4, Shanghai is the money capital of China, honestly I am not too keen on Shanghai, I prefer smaller quieter places, but if you are in the business I am in you need to be in Shanghai.
Literature does not often translate well into other languages and poetry never translates well.
Most of the people that work for me are Shanghai born and bred.

Point 5, I am English but have many many Chinese friends both in China and in the UK. Any teacher that shuns foreign things is a bad teacher, people should learn to take the best from all cultures but at the same time not forgetting their roots. Those who want to live in their own narrow world ae missing out on too much and I have little time for them.

Point 6 My eldest daughter is at University in the UK, she is doing very well but the change from Chinese education to UK education has not been easy for her. I encourage her to study hard but also to do other things in life, those other things help to form her personality and will help in her future.
Your statement " we have more than 1000 classics to recite " says a lot about Chinese education, yes you learn things off by heart but who knows if you really understand them? Better to learn 200 classics with understanding than 1000 without. Too much is about teaching to pass exams, not to gain knowledge.
I also think that getting wasted every night is not good but a balance can be drawn somewhere between these two.
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-25 09:44
futsanglung: point 1, Chinese education needs to learn how to produce idependant thinkers, at the moment it is not doing that.

point 2, the average Chinese person ...
First of all , I really agree most of your idea. thank you.
1,Of course we need indepandant thinks.But how to make so many independant thinkers  is really a problem.we have more than 100 000 000 students. so if half of them can be a good thinker and have their own opinions ,Do you think China will be the best country?or just break or just be in a war. if everyone have their own opinion first ,that is a complicated situation. We should talk about it more than giving just the so-called best measures to do that.
2.We have a better life? first of all our food quality are worse even poison ,secondly ,our house became a little apartments. we have few places . third we have so many amazing machine and electronic products, we got worse health and a lot of bad habbits. BTW we have worse environment.So do you think we really have a better life than 20 years ago?
3.About nationalistic. A lot of teachers of course are not a blind Nationalist. because many foreigners just learn some superficial things from some ignorant people and claim that they understand Chinese culture and Chinse language.we even don't know it exactly . it is a acadamical attitude. If there are a lot of patient and serious foreign learners. Our teachers will not be disppointed.
4 Yes, your are a successful manager, you can also see many Britsh-born Chinese and they are Brish bred. they are same as the people in Shanghai. In southeast of China. our mind are conquered by economy ,so I left my hometown Hangzhou to Shangdong. the real China(middle kingdom).there are poorer than hangzhou or Shanghai but the people there are more simple.
5 Many foreign things are deadful. First of all is weed. You can not deny. It destroyed our nation and country. Let our nation pay an uncountable price.and failed again and again in around 100 year. We need time to rebuild the trust.
6 I am sorry for your daughter suffering a lot in Chinese education. but Did she experience the College entrance examination? If not, I am sorry very much. It is a two-blade sword.If you can experience it , you will be strong enough to face much more difficulty in your life.
hope your daughters can be more happier in UK.
7 I can told you every Chinese can tell you a lot of about classic. but now they can't remenber exactly it is .they will misunderstand finally and make the real text lost.  you can see . the real text of Classic is thin but if it is a book somebody talk about it, it will be amazingly thick. I can also tell you a lot of people can recite 200 or more. So if we want to be more knowledgeable ,we should be harder and harder.
8. About foreign learners I can see they stay up late and go to bar. that will destory their health and waste a lot of money.And for many girls it also is dangerous .because most of kind Chinese will not always go to a bar. So I am so worried that foreigners here get good grades and learn nothing .they are well suitable in Chinese educational system,because of they are independant thinkers? Or they can find the drawbacks in Chinese educational system and get benefit from it ?If they were back one day. what will they tell to their people. I don't know. So the bar is never can be a good place . because many times there are full of bad and crazy Chinese (I just say the really situation in China.)    HAVE A GOOD DAY!!  THANKS YOUR IDEAS.
Reply Report futsanglung 2014-4-25 16:17
without independant thinkers China will lack managers and inventors in the future, it is not about everyone having their own opinion it is about them being able to problem solve on their own

Yes your lives are better than 20 years ago, back then many had no indoor toilets, many had no water supply in their home, many had no transport links near there home, many were cold in winter and too hot in summer, now there are few people with these problems.

I have had 17 years of experiance of China and I am still learning, I always will be, the loosers are those that do not try to learn. Also the people who blame bad habits on Chinese culture ( that happens a lot ) are appologists and do nothing to make China a better place.

My wife is a Shandong person, I know Shandong well and the average person there is nicer than the average person in Shanghai or Hangzhou. Life is not all about how much money you have. As to being a good manager my sttle comes as a shock to new Chinese employees, we are a team in our office and I would not ask anyone to do something I would not do myself. Too many Chinese bosses sit in their ivory towers giving orders, in my view that is wrong.

Some foreign things are bad as are some Chinese things, by weed I guess you mean drugs and using drugs to blame what happened in the past it is only part of the story. China produces illegal drugs the same as Western countries. Tobacco and Bai Jiu are also drugs.

My daughter did very well at school but the depth of her knowledge was poor, the Gao Kao is a terrible system, schools teach you to pass this exam, they do not teach you true knowledge. My daughter will study hard in the UK and will then return to China hopefully a better person for the experience, I know I will be a poorer person after this!

Again you talk of reciting, that is not knowledge, my second daughter is taught to learn her English books by heart by here school, she can speak whole books out loud without looking at them, that does not mean she understands them and often does not until I sit down with her and explain, speaking out in unison in a reply to the teacher does not mean you have the knowledge.

I see the same thing happening with some Chinese students at Uni in the UK, they get away from their homes for the first time and go wild, that is their choice and if they want to mess up their future that is their problem, just concentrate on your own studdies and do not get drawn in.
Reply Report 286633460 2014-4-25 20:20
futsanglung: without independant thinkers China will lack managers and inventors in the future, it is not about everyone having their own opinion it is about them  ...
1. we can see we solve the first problem. we need independent thinkers and you can know so many Chinese students that you can always meet a lot of stupid students .You can't deny that there are also a lot of clever students. So Chinese system can also make some independant thinkers and BTW even there are so many drawbacks in Chinese educational system, there are also a lot  Chinese celebrities in different fields. Chinese education do not fail at all.
2. About that our lives. yes we have modern machine and modern furnitures. but we did have water supple 20 years ago.and about weather , in 20 years ago .the whole year in Hangzhou is in spring but now the weather in spring looks like four seasons. you can know that there is a old saying that ' above the sky there is the Heaven, below the sky there are the SU HANG (SU ZHOU and HangZhou)'
and Hangzhou is a city in the picture. it was spoiled by as for that point, I am afraind I can't agree with you. we can see there are more people have these problems.  We also have trains and cars, now we have traffic jam. and we all blame the traffic. we have so many problem we still can talk about it
3.You are so awesome! but sorry I still have more 2 years experience than yours. I am also thank you very much for our country . and I am so shocked you are so patient to learn someting in China. foreigners as you are too few.
4.Hangzhou is my hometown. not there people are not nice. they just more snobbish. but in Hangzhou we have better manners and more mind-opened. Did you know the buses in Hangzhou will wait the passers-by but this situations will not happen in Shangdong  not now. And I have been in Shangdong for one year.Did you know the famous Chinese ancient musical instrument ('Gu Qin'---- a seven-stringed plucked instrument) I carefully left it on taxi,and call the police (even the traffic police) no one cared .they just push the responsibility to each other and my precious instrument lost forever. that is priceless.and few people can play it. but it was gone. up to now. there are no information in the taxi station. what the ignorant people they are. I think Shangdong people are simple . they also randomly spit more and be noisy more.I don't like Shanghai because it is the capital center. but Hangzhou is cultural city. you cannot mix it up.and I agree with you  the sentence about money in life I also have experience of being a leader. but I cannot know better than you. thank you for giving me some ideas about managers.
5 Yes, we should let bygones be bygones. but when the weed(I mean the 'Opium' --mariguana.)  and now some durgs also got into Chinese from foreign country and the worse is the self-abandoned habbits from other country. that is the point. And we know the history to prevent our country from that bad things again. and when the opium came into our country at first,we also didn't know that was bad. so you don't know if one history will be future.and you mean alcohol is also a kind of drug. It is really a suprise idea.Tobacco may be .but the tradition alcochol in our country(Bai Jiu) can't be. even I don't like it . but if you know how to drink it .it will be better. it will be a kind of good thing. even make you healthier.
6. About you daughter, it will be my honor if I can make a friend with her ,because she has the similiar age with me and I also want to study literature in Uk. that is a glorious country. but Chinese don't good at teaching English. that really suck. I just say about the Chinese Classic. you know that is the most amazing thing of these. you need to recite it ,because in Kuomingtang time  the primary students even can make a lot of wonder ancient poets and they all  can write a good article in ancient tongue. and we also search the ancient way to teach the Child to recite the Classic again.Did you know the famous saying about reading (when you reading book a lot of times, the amazing features will show up themselves. )and in ancient time we should recite it and also recite it reversely . that maybe ridiculous  but it is a wonderful way to strengthen our memory and make us understand it and we can use it as we wish.because you know when we make the poet . we should know the rhythm and which phaze or charactors are related to which rhythm . and reciting is very important in Chinese learing  maybe not the science or foreign languge learing.I hope we can meet one day when you are in Hangzhou or I am in Shanghai. you are a real interesting and kind (even your head portrait is a little strict   no offence) man . as for now, you can not be poorer than me. because I have already decided didn't get money from my parents .I am an adult and a man so  I write article and fictions to earn my living and my sophomore tuition.
7.Yes some foreigners are self-abandoned but a lot of foreigners are also diligent but they also go to bar very often. this just the different cultures. so I didn't mean to blame them. I just show the facts. and of course we should do our jobs. so we do not have different views at that point.   GOOD NIGHT SIR.

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