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Some problems about my I-20 of Michigan State University

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In Febuary of this year, I got the ad from Michigan State University that I was admitted into their Journalism College to pursue my master degree. I was thrilled. All I want is to finish the graduation process left in my undergradutae college and pack my luggage up and fly to America. But things always go againt my will. The office of admissions in Michigan State University does not send my I-20.
Actually,it turns out a bit of ridiculous. In their ad letter, it reads, your I-20 form will be went in a couple of weeks. Nearly two months passed, I heard no voice of my I-20, so I emailed to find our what was the problem. They told me that they still need my transcripts in original language nd financial affidavit. Then I emailed as they required. Then they told me that the original transcripts should be sent by an official institute. So I turned to the educational office of my college and asked them to send my transcripts to MSU. It took nearly a month.
I thought everything is done and there is no reason that I still can not recieve my I-20 form. However, after two weeks, there is no news about my I-20. I emailed them again. They told me they did not recieve my original transcripts and they can not proceed my I-20 without it. I went back to my college to find if they sent my transcript.As a result, they told me that they had sent it several days ago and the transportation information says it had been recieved by the office of admissions of MSU.I am debacled and exhausted.
Dear friends, what can I do under such circunstances?

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Reply Report laoren1234 2014-5-21 12:59
Give them some time, say two weeks, for processing the latest material you sent them, and if you still haven't heard from them then, contact them again.
Reply Report hermioneleon 2014-5-21 14:26
laoren1234: Give them some time, say two weeks, for processing the latest material you sent them, and if you still haven't heard from them then, contact them agai ...
OK! Thanks for your advice. I ll try it.

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  • Leon and me 2014-5-28 11:19

    Understood perfectly now. Thanks for your explaination. I should spend more time on reading more English.

  • Leon and me 2014-5-27 10:39

    hermioneleon: I am lost, totally.
    In English we say: what a coincidence! Ironically to mean the opposite. So this is a way of recognizing that you are going to study in USA and now your BF is because of you! So of course it is not a coincidence! It is deliberate. I know sometimes irony makes English statements hard to follow? I hope you are a bit less lost now?  

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