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We will never say goodbye(article)

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The day before yesterday, our class took the final gathering picture and had the final dinner with teachers. After that, Baobao(the second from the right) left for home and never came back. Yidong(the first from the left) left this morning, but before the plane taking off, she texted me "Bye". I never suppose that I could hurt inside like this and can not help crying with the deepest sorrow.
Yidong and I met at the third year of college, but we had several talks in the first two years. From the third year, we began to talk, took walk together and dined together. She likes South Korea and Japan stars and always watches the shows. I had not even a little knowledge concerning South Korea or Japan before. However, my brain would be updated with the information of these things timely for she often share with me the latest news. Besides, much different from usual girls, who would spend much time on cloth, shopping and making up, she likes something very natural, in other words, she respect anything the way it should be and does not want to alter by her will. She is one of my besty. I always consider her as a precious gift bestowed by God.

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Reply Report austinong 2014-5-11 09:20
Being thankful is the road to wealth!
Reply Report tempax 2014-5-17 22:53
Why did they left the schoolyard so early? I rememer we left our university in July.......
Reply Report hermioneleon 2014-5-21 11:09
tempax: Why did they left the schoolyard so early? I rememer we left our university in July.......
I do not know actually. It is a little wierd. But it is also good for us. Finish these things much earlier, we can have the little spare time to do what we want to.

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  • Leon and me 2014-5-28 11:19

    Understood perfectly now. Thanks for your explaination. I should spend more time on reading more English.

  • Leon and me 2014-5-27 10:39

    hermioneleon: I am lost, totally.
    In English we say: what a coincidence! Ironically to mean the opposite. So this is a way of recognizing that you are going to study in USA and now your BF is because of you! So of course it is not a coincidence! It is deliberate. I know sometimes irony makes English statements hard to follow? I hope you are a bit less lost now?  

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