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What I summarized from Marxism

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  Poltic and  English serve basic decipline as for GET( graduate record test),what is the most obsecure and ambigous in politic is basic theory of Marxism ,contributing nasty misery to me, so I roughly sumrize it with my low-level understand to boost my writing and strengthen my memory of it.
  Materialism, dialectics plus epistemology underline a relatively confused and vague Maxism, within it, epistemology classed a five star point by our specific instructor tend to be vital foe the test, so I partial to formulate it with my perspective.
  Epistemology entails three components involving six basic theory, including objective connection between practice and knowing, the process of knowing plus the truth.
  Firstly, illustrating an authennic story ,during the war,involving distinguished ChengFangwu ,a revolutionary,instructor, theorist of Maxism and DingLing, a learned writer.DingLing ,in her heart, envisions that ChengFangwu created massive cultural collection concerning the romantic must be a handsome guy carrying western style ,and solemn because he served as a instrucor in Huangpu military academy.Thus she expect have a encounter with Chengfangwu as president Mao asked her requirement .However , Cheng's imagecome as a surprise to her, an extremely  usual guy .
  In this story,Why Dingling said her vision is entirely wrong; there are two leap from perception to rational ,in turn, from rational to perception .However, Ding merely assesed Wu by his collction,neglected the practice of Cheng ,during the war, undergone a range of encounters and flights with poor survied condition. So this revealved the theory;perception is the infancy of knowing,including feeling, perception,surface,and carrying the traits of specific and explicit ;rational is the high phase to knowing ,entailing concetion, judgement, inference,and assumption,carrying abstract and indirect character.So Ding did not achieve the first leap ,leading to her disappointment with the date.
 I am so busy that I  have no time to precede the next theory..

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Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.

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