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The name is Desmarais.

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In Canada, we are nostalgic for an era in our past, in the 1700s to early 1800s, before pavement. We had snowball fights in the forests while gathering sap for maple syrup. We fished with a line, not a net. We made small towns. 

Well, maybe Four Bee, Four Boo and Four Baa, the futuristic cities imagined by prolific author Tanith Lee in Drinking Sapphire Wine can give us the inspiration and the hope we need. 

In Europe, the name is Rothschild. In America, well, the name people know is Rockefeller. Maybe Rockefeller needs to be a Canadian. Maybe that would solve it. So few know the Canadian name is Desmarais.

Canadians were the apologetic ones. "Our peaceful neighbours to the North" is our nickname given to us by Americans for many decades. 

The news reports another injured whale off our B.C. coast. The news reports we're contributing to corruption and we're a haven for laundering money. The news says it straight: whether China and US are friends or foe, it's bad or good for Canada due only to limit infimum and supremum in the world's trade relations. 

I dream the Canadian police will hold a police conference to ask for help and save face, to get the real help they need. "Blame the innocent victims instead of arresting caught criminals" is absolutely entrenched. So, making friends for good futures... just hope the topic of criminals and what to do about them doesn't come up. It's good though, and that's the key with the Desmarais family: make it good. 

Actually, Canadians do have a lot to contribute to good solutions. They have good insights, hopes, and cares. So then I dream we all have enough buffers to pretend it's 2003 again when the Canadian Dream was pure and good, without complexities.

If we could solve the "How to Help Canadian Police Be More Effective and Not Embarrassed", that would be a big step forward.

We weren't raised knowing the name Desmarais. The relationship isn't like the European or American relations with the so-called Canadian aristocracy. The family works, grooms leaders, communicates. 

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