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The CN Tower in Toronto has a glass floor I haven't walked upon. I don't enjoy tourism although it is great for the economy. 

I prefer living, learning, working and playing responsibly. When I had to de-flea some of my cats, the veterinarian taught me to avoid diazanol, apparently now called diazinon, a nerve gas. My vet taught me to use a flea hormone instead. Mammals do not respond to the flea hormone. The flea hormone affects the entire life-cycle so it doesn't need a second application in a few weeks to catch the larva from unaffected eggs. The hormone causes all stages of fleas to sleep, so even the dormant fleas unaffected by nerve gas feel the need to sleep more, so, stay dormant. My cats prefer the flea hormone treatment, and so do I. 

I think we need billiards halls with glass floors. I don't swim, I play pool instead, as it is okay or not okay according to the authority of the moment. Yesterday I did what no authority in my life would ever have permitted: I climbed an icy hill in the forest, pulling myself up the ice with help from the trees. "It's too risky!" they would have said. I am careful. I am safe and the winter forest is absolutely gorgeous, so beautiful to see off the main paths. 

I don't know why we don't talk anymore. "What changed in the relationship?" I have asked, calling bluffs. "Nothing," some lied. So I let it go. But many of us are talking about why we are not sleeping. The west would cite psychology and time management. We can all help the Holocene and wait for Bangladesh to lead us to a green, clean future because Bangladesh is more advanced in thought. My oriental students are doing scientific hypothesis testing about bad air, microdust... something is keeping people awake. We need to sleep enough. 

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-3-19 12:09
I see with my own eyes that local rural people Bangladeshi use water collected in a tank during rain seasons and they even take bath in the green (not clean)water so collected. I don't think such practice can generate advanced thoughts. As to the educated children living in big cities like Dhaka and Chittagong, their fathers most probably are corrupt officials or businessmen who have dirty connection with gov officials, otherwise they could not have afforded the good living they enjoy.
Reply Report J.E.Overington 2019-3-19 16:35
The point is the British sports song: "Why are we waiting?" and the answer my students usually give is because America didn't lead yet, to which we reply "Why are we waiting?". In 15 years, we haven't yet achieved comprehension with students in this conversation, so, let's try your way:

Paraphrased format: I traveled a lot. I saw something bad in country A so either A's people aren't good enough or if educated then corrupt. Think: does which country matter? Let's go to country B, and find some laundry done in public, and say if B's people are better than that then they are corrupt. We can do that again and again for all countries, it's only a finite list, and then we can say: for each country, either there is a dirty landfill or if the residents are better than that then they are corrupt. Next, we ask: is that the real world? I suggest no, due to, there is news about good leadership in all these countries. There are some people who suffer nor poverty nor lack of education, who don't need help, and who are not corrupt in spite of being able to lead. Aware of this, a favorite British sports song is, "Why are we waiting?"

I hope it makes more sense to the students who struggled with the idea of not waiting for America to lead.

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    Liononthehunt: Are you obliquely hinting at something?
    yes, i am talking about any possible solution for the good of world human being

  • Two Systems, Two Standards? 2019-6-16 17:07

    J.E.Overington: Yes, when the military suggestions are too much ignored by governance in open disagreement, there is a lot of work available for interested diplomats.
    What does that reply mean in plain English ?

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