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Whitehorse is not a horse.

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Mercury, the deity of financial gain and commerce, is responsible for flying the sun across the sky, pulled by two horses... we were told in children's folklore. Recently Golden Mercury went backwards. 

"What are his horses names?" 

Zolotoy Luch and Bai Ma, Golden Ray and White Horse.

"Why did the horses go backwards?"

Because they are scared of the horse rider. 


He is a rainmaker in his spare time. One day long ago, he hoped to meet someone who can tell him how to let Earth live through the Holocene extinction. But all we kept saying to him is, we need more trees.

So the people prayed to Mercury, for financial gain and commerce. And Mercury diligently drove the sun across the sky. While they were flying the sun across the sky above Whitehorse, Canada (a city in northern Canada), Zolotoy Luch felt confused by the Chinese paradox, 

白馬非馬, White horse, non-horse

and as Zolotoy Luch went backwards, Bai Ma stepped backwards also, because the Canadian city Whitehorse has no space in the middle of its name. The city also doesn't look like a horse.

"No middle space?"

Indeed, it's one word. 

"What did Mercury do when the horses went backwards?"

Mercury had to think of a way to make good progress, especially with the horses feeling scared by paradoxes, foreign spelling and rainmakers. So Mercury envisioned a way to create national wealth by planting forests. There are two ways: 
1. Plant tree farms of fast growing trees used for wood, on limited acreage, or 
2. Pay for the planting from non-profit organizations that open ways for corporations to have  tax breaks. 

Zolotoy Luch felt calmer because he likes the first way, since he likes Christmas tree farms. Bai Ma calmed down because he likes diligent people who work well in corporations, in non-profits, and in planting trees. Feeling calmer, Mercury's horses agreed to continue taking the sun forwards across the sky again. 

But the horses still felt scared of the rainmaker. 

"Who is the rainmaker?" 

The rainmaker decides which trees get enough rain, and not too much rain. 

"How does he decide?"

The rainmaker prefers people who are traditional, diligent and socially responsible. Sometimes the rainmaker forgets to bring rain to some modern, lazy or selfish people who didn't plant enough trees.

"Why does he forget?"

He is so busy making rain every day, so every one has enough water to drink after Mercury has driven the hot sun across the sky with the help of Zolotoy Luch and Bai Ma. The rainmaker also races horses, and both Zolotoy Luch and Bai Ma hope they can win a race for him. So really, their fear isn't fear. Their feeling is anticipation and hope.

"Fear isn't fear?"

It's a Chinese paradox. 

To this day, Bai Ma and Zolotoy Luch, with Mercury's help, diligently drive the sun across the sky in the traditional direction, valiantly hoping to win races for the socially responsible rainmaker and his apprentices. And the sun still passes over Whitehorse, Canada, too. 

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Reply Report petera 2019-3-14 17:39

I visited Whitehorse in the Yukon in 2015 to watch the Aurora. I was lucky to be treated to some great displays,

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