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"Teach children to feed themselves nutrition-dense food and information, guarding against excess oil, sugar, salt and misinformation."

"The environmental disasters are a threat."

"They're a challenge. Saying more trees, fewer people is too simplistic."

"But we double in half the time since 1700." 

"M.C. Escher's Planetoid shows vision. Imagine self-sustaining cities."

"NASA confirms China and India plant the most trees."

"CD says Ant Financial is partly behind 25% of the world's 5% reforestation since 2000." 

"Imagine the Ant Financial tree planting app re-purposed to program nanobots to help white blood cells fight cancer cells." 

"Imagine the same re-purposed to help banks report looters (cf Ayn Rand's) to police who do their jobs." 

"Breaking News: 2018 Arctic doctors: no symptoms don't need to be cured by drugs."

"Not non-compliant, I concur, the bank, property transfer and inheritance questions boil down to anti-corruption and reforestation."

"But an actual 1.0 birthrate chokes labour, innovation and mentoring."

"Effective 1.0... from engineers who want to make self-sustaining cities and governments who want to buy privately produced clean energy."

"Liberty from harm, ability to live causes people to choose vocations..."

"Excuse me, how did criminals confess by talking about themselves?"

"The only way to know was to know, and people talk about their own interests, unless required otherwise."

"I couldn't talk about Ayn Rand because, shucks!, it's so sad about Eddie Willers!!, you can't not care!!!,... hm, so should we let looters loot?"

"Accept it, change it, or leave."

"I left. We never knew who in America sent me rubies and diamonds in the mail." 

"Income by IQ is a norm." 

"No, because when pirates grab the helm, calling from the hold is like sending a spark from a black hole, and that's why not implement anti-corruption with analyst.bots who can't care."

"iRobot was an awesome movie!"

"But that would be a terrible reality."

"Capable individuals in coherent groups who communicate well, spontaneously happy..."

"Articulating comprehension and spontaneous expression of happiness, pursuing vocations of choice,..."

"Form civilization making technology from science, with expressions in music and art, but never without logic and standards."

"Will Earth survive the Holocene?"

"Whose job is it to know?"

"We don't care, the sun would kill it eventually," said....

"Is that worse than condoning genocide?" 

"I hope Earth lives."

"Me, too."

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  • Happy birthday to you! (or not :-) ) 2019-7-4 00:07

    A couple of friends have a birthday on our national holiday, 1 July, so I started wondering why we celebrate birthdays (it's nice but the history is interesting) and the responsibility for giving is different in different cultures.

  • Happy birthday to you! (or not :-) ) 2019-7-3 23:12

    Birthday?Why birthday

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