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The twenty-year-olds in Canada now know to eat more spinach, fewer peas, more carrots and less corn. We didn't used to know, as it wasn't taught. We were taught cursive hand-writing in beautiful script. Our children were taught to print.

We were taught to sleep 8 hours, but less is okay. And to drink any liquids, up to 8 cups. My Chinese friends said, "Drink water, sleep on holidays." It works. It heals wounds faster.

"There's no proof that vitamin C works so we demand obedience to harmful procedures in the name of the scientific method." Heat has been associated with healing world-wide, and many cultures recognize the intuitive grabbing for ginger, pepper, sweaters, hot lemon, hot pepper soup from meat broth... anything to nourish and induce a small fever to burn out the pests. "The doctors over-medicated me when I had a cold," my Canadian friend Alanis said, as her hands shook so much that she couldn't write her name. "My hand-writing was beautiful before the doctors tried to get rid of a bad cough."

"Make happiness," my American friends teach us Canadians. 

"What do you mean by happiness?" my Korean students ask. 

For example, treat yourself every Monday to something that makes you happy. Give yourself a budget of something like 5 RMB. Treat yourself to what you like within budget - maybe it is a snack, maybe it is a new pen, that's okay: make yourself happy. 

Laughter heals us. Happiness heals us, like water and sleep.

Care heals us. You know that moment when you talk with your friends from > 31 years ago, and although they heard the stories about you, they want to hear the truth from you, so you say it all and they care. They ask about the details. They say you are still you as you were before, and the stories they heard don't matter. You don't need to be too polite anymore, you can relax, speak the truth, and it's okay.

Truth heals us.

These are home remedies and old wive's tales, and like Chinese medicine, these methods for living a healthy life weren't proven by western science.

For me, the gift of moving to Asia in 2004 is that I didn't have to be the strong adult providing for dependent adults, feeding, sheltering, protecting and caring for everyone else with them begging for more instead of caring for me, and instead I could start taking care of me and living my life. But I ate peas and corn, I drank 6 cups of water, because that's what I was taught. I learned new ways, and now I write to those people I took care of during the 1990s to say, these Chinese methods work. Drink water. Sleep. My friends from > 31 years ago accept.

My students try the happiness exercise. They talk to me later, "Yeah, Mondays are better. I feel happier. Say thanks to your American friends."

Who would have guessed 15 years ago that cultural fusion in home remedies could be so beneficial for so many people? I am grateful to the many sources of benevolence.

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-2-19 12:15
We all need a good physique, so health comes first than wealth or anything else. I have a good running in the evening when I am free or when I try to be free from the routine. It feels good when sweating.

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  • Glass Floor 2019-3-19 16:35

    The point is the British sports song: "Why are we waiting?" and the answer my students usually give is because America didn't lead yet, to which we reply "Why are we waiting?". In 15 years, we haven't yet achieved comprehension with students in this conversation, so, let's try your way:

    Paraphrased format: I traveled a lot. I saw something bad in country A so either A's people aren't good enough or if educated then corrupt. Think: does which country matter? Let's go to country B, and find some laundry done in public, and say if B's people are better than that then they are corrupt. We can do that again and again for all countries, it's only a finite list, and then we can say: for each country, either there is a dirty landfill or if the residents are better than that then they are corrupt. Next, we ask: is that the real world? I suggest no, due to, there is news about good leadership in all these countries. There are some people who suffer nor poverty nor lack of education, who don't need help, and who are not corrupt in spite of being able to lead. Aware of this, a favorite British sports song is, "Why are we waiting?"

    I hope it makes more sense to the students who struggled with the idea of not waiting for America to lead.

  • Glass Floor 2019-3-19 12:09

    I see with my own eyes that local rural people Bangladeshi use water collected in a tank during rain seasons and they even take bath in the green (not clean)water so collected. I don't think such practice can generate advanced thoughts. As to the educated children living in big cities like Dhaka and Chittagong, their fathers most probably are corrupt officials or businessmen who have dirty connection with gov officials, otherwise they could not have afforded the good living they enjoy.

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