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The Universal Positive Impact of the Chinese Culture

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At the beginning of each year, I, usually, take few moments to reflect upon my life and its path. This year, I focused on the positive impact of the Chinese culture upon the quality of my life and others.

Since my childhood, I was always fascinated and awed by the depth, profundity and wisdom of the Chinese culture. Prior to venturing into the topic at hand,  I would like to give a historical background about my interest in and fascination by the Chinese culture.

During my childhood, I heard many intriguing stories about China, its people and the Chinese culture. I used to set down completely focused while our elders talked about the far away country that has the same glorious ancient history as Egypt does. The stories captured my attention and transformed me into an eternal fan of the Chinese culture.  

As I reached my teens, I tried to seize every opportunity to quench my thirst for knowledge about my favorite civilization, the glorious Chinese ancient one. 

I searched through the thousands of books in the old and almost torn public library near my home for books about China and the Chinese culture. Fortunately for me, I had the chance to study them during the span of the preparatory and secondary stages of the educational system in Egypt.

As I acquired more information about the Chinese culture, I became mesmerized and captivated by its versatility and its diversified aspects. 

Through my travel in Europe, I realized that I was not the only individual who was captivated by the Chinese culture. I could see its influence everywhere I went in almost all the European cities that I had the chance to explore.

I was amazed by its influence on every country that I had the chance to explore and interact with its people.
After getting rid of my nomadic lifestyle, that prompted me to go from one nation to the next in an attempt to educate myself about the fine details of every culture and custom, I settled in Canada.

Unfortunately, I was saddened and chagrined by the misrepresentation of, and the devious misconceptions about my beloved China and its culture that were portrayed through the various venues of the Western media.
Regardless of the negative portrayal of China, its customs, traditions and culture, my fascination with the Chinese culture reached its peak. I began to fantasize and dream about the day on which I would visit my favorite destination and interact with its people to absorb as much wisdom from them as I could.

Finally, in 2003, my dream came true and I embarked on my journey to China. Despite some minor inconveniences of being far from my family and facing some difficulties in communicating in Chinese, China and its culture surpassed my expectations. At last, I had the chance to satisfy my curiosity and live among the people in the land in which philosophy was originated and virtues and family values were established.

The Chinese people opened their homes and hearts to accept me as one of them. Their generosity of spirit changed my outlook on life. I acquired the humility from observing my fellow Chinese individuals establishing new standards for being humble and modest. 

Seeing them emphasizing the importance of belonging and taking care of family members helped me to affirm my childhood-acquired values that were somehow lost during my days living in the materialistic Western societies.

To cover all aspects of the universal positive impact of the Chinese culture, I am examining its influence from the social, educational, political and economical aspects.

No one in his or her right minds can deny the influence of the Chinese culture on the social scene worldwide. The Chinese wisdom is, constantly, used to help people grasp and come into terms with complicated and tedious issues and events.

The Chinese family values and traditions are, universally, taken as an exemplary model for people everywhere to follow. The Chinese capacity to deal with tragic events and triumph over them had amazed every individual in our planet and gained their admiration and respect.

It is a well known fact that the Chinese political system had great impact on the structure of governments in every continent in our world. The Chinese designated governmental system’s focus on the importance of providing an opportunity for every individual to lead a reasonably comfortable lifestyle is envied by the people in the developing and underdeveloped countries.

The Chinese communities in every country are playing important roles in every domain of life including the political, economical and social ones. Their culture influenced people in their environments.

The educational aspect of the Chinese culture had tremendous impact on its counterparts worldwide. The Chinese glorious history and philosophy are fundamental courses in almost every renowned university worldwide. 

Nowadays, the Chinese language is popular among the new generations in most countries on our planet.
The Chinese economy, that sky rocketed during the last decade by focusing on exporting diversified products and effective using of natural and human resources, is imitated in other countries to raise the standards of living for their citizens and escape the hardships of poverty. 

The Chinese products are sold everywhere in our world at affordable prices. During my visit to Canada, USA and Egypt, I noticed the popularity of the Chinese products among people there.  

Of course, currently, China is playing a major role on the world stage helping underdeveloped countries in every continent to develop their economies.

To sum it up, the Chinese culture enhanced the quality of my life as it did to the lives of people everywhere. Its influence is and will remain admired throughout the world for centuries to come.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report voice_cd 2017-2-3 08:27
thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.
Reply Report SEARU 2017-2-3 22:24
If more native Chinese could imitate the English expressing way,the world would benefit more from Chinese civilization!

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