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The Disappointments of 2016 and the hopes for 2017

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The year 2016 is coming to an end. Most people in the Western countries
consider it to be a year of complete chaos, utter turmoil, horrible tragedies and
shocking surprises. 

They witnessed the spread of conflicts to every corner of our universe. They
suffered tragedies watching innocent victims claimed by violent terrorists
attacks. They were saddened by the multiple plane crashes that took the lives of
unsuspecting passengers. They stood helpless toward the collapse of
numerous economies.

Despite the numerous attempts to abolish ISIS, the world watched its rise and
its horrendous violent acts of terrorism against those who dare to oppose its
extreme religious views.

The whole Western world was awakened by the shocking surprise of electing
Donald Trump as the next president of the USA. With his divisive views and
aggressive attitude, he may lead the USA into isolation and drag it into conflicts
with numerous nations.

Most Westerners can not wait for 2016 to wrap up in order to welcome the year
2017 with new hopes and aspirations. They hope that the new year will bring
peace and prosperity to people everywhere. They wish to live in a world void of
poverty,  conflicts and free of terrorism. A world in which every individual leads
a comfortable lifestyle. 

The above views may appear to be too gloomy to bring despondency and
despair to those who are exposed to them. However, optimistic individuals
would attempt to focus on the positive events that took place during the year
2016 such as medical miracles, human resilience in face of natural disasters,
advances in the field of technology that brought luxury and comfort to their
homes and success in their own endeavors.

The Chinese, with their tendency to be humble, they refer to objectivity  in
looking at the events  that took place during the year 2016. 

They regard 2016 as a  year during which, they achieved reasonable success in
accomplishing their objectives in developing the various aspects of their lives,
they handled with the spirit of true grit the few tragedies that were caused by
natural disasters and accepted the minor disappointments with pride and grace.
They perceive 2016 as a year during which they took crucial measures to
solidify China's role as a major player on the world stage.

During the year 2016, China successfully hosted the meeting of G20 during
which president Xi shared his realistic vision for the future of China and its
collaboration with the international community.

President X's graceful disposition and conciliatory attitude led the leaders  of 
the G20 to take important steps to deal with the challenges that are facing our
World such as the spread of poverty and hunger in underdeveloped nations.
China actively participated and took center stage in the World Internet
Conference to Benefit People everywhere. Its crucial role led to the success of
the conference.

During 2016, China took bold steps to compete with major powers in providing
its citizen with secure internet services in which the integrity of data exchanges
kept intact.

During 2016, the successful tours of both President Xi and Premier Li led to 
establishing numerous collaborative agreements with nations in every
continent. Those collaborative efforts will bring prosperity to both Chinese and
the citizens of those countries.

China suffered few natural disasters during the year 2016. However, the Chinese
spirit of generosity guided them to deal with those tragedies as a united nation.
Finally, Chinese had to embrace minor disappointments such as the ruling
concerning the China South Sea Conflict. Fortunately, China was able to restore
its neighborly relation with the Philippine.

For most Chinese, the year 2016 resembled any other year. It bore moments of
joy and exhilaration along with instances of sadness and disappointments.

Regardless, with the Chinese resilient spirit, they will pay farewell to the year
2016 and celebrate new beginning with the start of 2017.

Finally, I must to seize this opportunity to wish every Chinese a happy holidays
and a very joyous new year. May the new year bring them prosperity, excellent
health and ultimate happiness.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report voice_cd 2017-1-6 08:11
thanks for sharing your ideas here, we will recommend it.
Reply Report Ted180 2017-1-7 00:50
2016 has been a bad year for almost every country. The background to this has been a slowing of economic growth and the irrationality and restlessness of lower middle class citizens. In my opinion, this slow growth is caused by too much wealth distributed among a small minority of rich people. The remaining lower-middle classes don't have enough money to stimulate economic growh with their consumption spending. The solution is simple: tax the rich and give the proceeds to the poor. The poor will immediately spend all they get - and economic growth will occur.
Reply Report jaseminsibo 2017-1-18 00:18
Thank you for your support and belief in us. I have 100% faith the year of the Phoenix (origin of the chicken/bird) will be a year of unity, new creations, prosperity and restoration.

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