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Trump's Aggressive Attitude Toward China

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Most Chinese along with their government were hoping that Trump would
realize the importance of establishing equal partnership with China which could
promote the peace worldwide and advance mutually beneficial collaboration
between the two powerful countries.

During the last few days, they were struck by the harsh reality that a leopard
does not change his spots. They discovered that Trump during the presidential
campaign is the same individual after being elected as president of the USA.
The whole universe including Chinese were holding into a shred of hope that
winning the election may lead him to alter his aggressive attitude into a
reconciliatory one.

It is logical to assume that equal partnership between China and the USA would
benefit people everywhere. They can work together to handle the most urgent
challenges that could lead to the extinction of the human race.

The Chinese government is sincerely and repeatedly stating its desire to
engage in a constructive dialogue with the USA to build an open and inclusive
relationship that would bring prosperity to the distinguished citizens of both
nations and subsequently promote peaceful coexistence with other countries.
One has no other option but to respect and admire China's attitude. On the
contrary, people are perplexed, confused and bewildered by the negative
response from the USA. The rocky relationship between China and the USA
suffered from periods of strain during the span of Obama's leadership.

On Friday, December 2nd, Trump provoked the Chinese government by proudly
stating that he had a great conversation with the recently elected president of

As a matter of fact, there is an agreement that was reached between Nixon and 
the government of China in 1979 that the USA will  support the "One China

That agreement was respected by the successive presidents of the USA who
avoided at least publicly any  contact with the governments of Taiwan. In the
past, the USA provided indirect support to Taiwan which contradicts the one
China policy. 

Mr. Trump with his reckless action of having direct contact with the president of
Taiwan created an unhealthy environment to achieve equal partnership. The
conversation may lead to damaging the already tense relation between China
and the USA according to president Xi.

Few prominent members of the USA republican party came to  the defense of
Trump's actions. They argued that the conversation was a polite chat and
reciprocal felicitation between two leaders. 

However, political analysts perceived it as a significant event done to provoke
China and to indicate that Trump is attempting to prove to China that he will take
tough stand in dealing with it. He may also wished to convince the American
public that he is different from former presidents including Obama.

As if his conversation with the president of Taiwan did not accomplish enough
damage, Trump tweeted on the weekend that China was responsible for the half
of the trade deficit of the USA. 

He claimed without any substantial proof that China is taking away the
American jobs and creating problems for the American economy by keeping its
Yuan low compared to the other currencies. He threatened to bring jobs home
from China.

The least that could be said about his accusations is that they are ludicrous and
worth nothing but ignoring them as tough talk without any merits to support
them. They will lead to nothing but straining the Sino-American relation.
His aggressive attitude helped to solidify the impression that he is a reckless
leader who will lead the USA into isolation and Chaos along with straining its
relations with other countries

Mr. Trump should do his best to alter people's negative perception of him by
acting as a leader who understands  the dynamics of dealing with other
countries by promoting mutually beneficial collaboration instead of uttering
shallow threats and throwing accusation without supporting them with
substantially valid proof.

For the sake of the future Chinese and American generations, we hope that he
acquire sufficient courage to become a reconciliatory leader instead of a
reckless, divisive and hostile one. 

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report Motika 2016-12-27 08:14
Trump is a puppet find the puppet master and ask him why !
Reply Report seneca 2016-12-27 10:21
What "equality" did the author dream about? An equality between feral hunters? Yes, we all see that China wants to be a superpower. Superpowers have more rights than ordinary powers. China has always exercised more rights than other countries. It wants to be the same as the U.S.A. who also has more rights than other countries.

The one-China agrement is a mistake.
Reply Report Ted180 2016-12-28 02:44
I'm depressed that Trump won. He seems crude and ignorant. On the other hand, some of China's behaviour has been crude and ignorant too. The 9-Dash-Line is ignorant. Failing to get rid of the Kim regime and its nukes is also ignorant.
Reply Report Liononthehunt 2016-12-28 12:36
seneca: What "equality" did the author dream about? An equality between feral hunters? Yes, we all see that China wants to be a superpower. Superpow ...
Was it not for the one-China agreement, the Soviet Union would not have collapsed, and the American people would still have lived in the constant fear of being nuked by an equally powerful rival.
Reply Report seneca 2016-12-28 12:40
Liononthehunt: Was it not for the one-China agreement, the Soviet Union would not have collapsed, and the American people would still have lived in the constant fear ...
Do you think the one-China agreement kept the Soviet Union in check?
Reply Report Liononthehunt 2016-12-28 17:13
The one-China agreement led to an alliance between the US and China in the late 1970s, that was aimed at coordinated efforts to confront the Soviet Union jointly ... For instance, China went to war in 1978 with Vietam, which was a surrogate for the Soviet in Southeastern Asia at the time, and this military standoff initiated by China that lasted around 10 years, was actually intended to disrupt the Soviet attempt at expansion in that area through Vietnam's aggression of Cambodia, for which China received clandestine intelligence assistance from the US. The US and China also joined hands in thwarting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s, by providing aids for the resistance forces fighting against the Soviet troops on the ground. (China also joined a bunch of western countries including the US, in boycotting the 1980 Olympics hosted by the Soviet Union.) All those confrontations just served to significantly weakened the Soviet Union economically, which eventually resulted in its demise.

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