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China's White Paper, an Elaborate Map to a Bright Future

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On Thursday, December 1st, the Chinese government issued a white paper emphasizing Chinese right to development and elaborating on its philosophy and practices that will govern its conduct and strategies to ensure bright future for all Chinese regardless of their age, gender, ethnic background or physical condition. 

The paper covered the Chinese accomplishments and future plans in the following areas: 

  • Poverty reduction: according to the White paper, the Chinese government was able to lift 700 millions from under the hardships of poverty through its 30 years of reform. That led to the increase of life expectancy and the level of education for the average Chinese. The Chinese government will continue in its efforts to eliminate poverty from the Chinese society. 

  • Ensuring every individual right to development: The Chinese government issued a succession of laws to protect people’s right to development. China will deal with the immediate problems that are of concern to the public through its efficient and effective legal system. 

  • Promoting worldwide development by allocating billions of dollars to help underdeveloped countries. It also encouraged investment in those nations, and will continue to do so, along with providing training for their manpower who would participate in the development of their countries.  

  • Committing to an active role in the international peacekeeping missions: China has been active in contributing to the peacekeeping missions in chaotic tumultuous parts of the world. It plans to train more peacekeeping personal along with helping in mine sweeping programs. China renewed its formidable commitment to fighting international terrorism in cooperation with the world leading forces. 

  • Complying with all international conventions that would promote friendly development and collaboration. China became the first country in the world to implement a national strategy to cope with climate change. It reduced the production and use of most of organic pollutants. China was active in abiding by the Paris Agreement on greenhouse gas emission. 

Examining the contents of the White Paper, one can see clearly that China is taking positive measures to improve the quality of life for its citizens.  

The paper indicated that the Chinese government is well-aware of the fact that the route to accomplishing its numerous objectives is paved with obstacles bearing in mind the poor state of the world economies. However, the Chinese government promised to deal with the problems that concern the public. 

The White Paper showed that the Chinese government knows very well China’s influence and powerful impact upon other nations worldwide considering the fact that it is the second largest world economy.  

That power and influence come with huge responsibilities toward the world community. Consequently, the White Paper detailed China’s commitment to taking major role in helping underdeveloped nations, participating in peacekeeping missions along with complying with international conventions that promote peaceful and friendly collaboration among all countries worldwide. 

Western media may come harsh on the contents of the White Paper. However, one can attribute their unfounded criticism to having political agenda that aims to minimize the important role that China plays on the world stage. Nevertheless, the Chinese government is determined to follow the effective road map and strategies that were stated in the White Paper to accomplish its objectives without paying any attention to destructive and trivial criticism. 

As a Canadian living in China who is an avid follower of the developments that took place in China since his arrival, I do believe that China will continue to prosper enough for its people to lead comfortable lifestyles in a harmonious society void of poverty and in which all Chinese have the right to development   


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