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P. R. China's achievements since its establishment in 1949

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Prior to venturing into exploring the main topic of my article, I wish to seize this precious occasion of the upcoming China’s National Day to wish my fellow Chinese a very happy National Holiday.

I hope that my beloved China will continue to prosper in the years to come enough to accomplish its 2030 Agenda of ridding our world of hunger and poverty.

In the rest of my article, I shall examine the People Republic of China’s accomplishments and achievements, since it was founded on October 1st, 1949, from two important perspectives, the national and the international ones. 

On the national front, it is a well-known fact that the Chinese standard of living has improved tremendously. During my 14 years of residence in China, I noticed the undeniable changes in the lifestyles of those who shared my environment in China.

When I arrived in China in 2003, most foreign food and tourism establishments were almost empty with few Chinese scattered around. Nowadays, during rush, dining or meal hours, one needs to make reservations in advance to guarantee a seat or stand in a queue to find an available one.

On the streets of most cities, new and shiny cars replaced bicycles. Means of public transportation such as buses, trains, flights and airports became reasonably comfortable and fancy.

Luxurious skyscrapers and towers began to be completed and erected within weeks after installing their foundations. The streets of big cities became neat and clean.

Foreign enterprises, especially those in the nourishment and tourism industries, opened branches in almost every city in China.

China paid great attention to the field of technology which led to achieving new heights in that domain. Chinese electronic devices invaded major department stores in every country on our planet.

With China opening up to the world, foreign experts flooded into the major metropolitan cities to share their knowledge and experiences with Chinese youngsters.

Chinese products found lucrative markets worldwide with led to the swift development of the Chinese economy.

With the increase in their incomes, most Chinese began to pay more attention to the importance of achieving the balance between their responsibilities to their livelihoods and their need to allocate time for fun activities and recreation.

Foreign languages educational institutions spread allover most major cities due to the fact that parents had realized the importance of mastering foreign languages to the future of their children.

China achieved exceptional success in every domain, which led to the sky-rocketing of its economy during the last two decades.

On the international front, China gained control of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom. Furthermore, China achieved a goal that seemed to be unattainable by becoming the second largest economy in the world.

China succeeded in becoming the third country to launch a human into space. The Chinese governments initiated programs to explore the moon and Mars. The Chinese program includes building a manned space station in orbit.

Without any doubt, China has become one of the most influential nations on earth. Its initiatives to help the less-developed countries in the world earned her a prominent role on the world stage.

Its pledge to rid the world of hunger and poverty by 2030 cemented its position as a widely-respected nation for its generosity of spirit of allocating one billion US dollars to achieve its 2030 agenda.

President Xi’s tour to the Western countries during the last couple of years helped to achieve an empathetic understanding between China and his host nations.

Achieving exceptional success in chairing and hosting the 2016 G20 meeting in Hangzhou  established China as a major power with capacities to peacefully play a crucial role in dealing with the challenges that are facing our world

Premier Li visit to USA, Canada and Cuba led to signing agreements to solidify the existing relations and expand the bilateral trade between China and those countries.

The Chinese government peaceful and reconciliatory approach in deal with regional conflicts garnered China admiration and respect of the most political analysts.

Finally, I wish that China will continue on its route to prosperity and sustainable development with every passing year.

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report mdmm55 2016-10-4 00:14
Peoples Republic of China is a real super power today in all feilds of life.PRC has acheived comprehensive development on top level in all feilds of technologies,industries,defence,arts and health/medicine.I wish peoples of China"" Have a long life with China"" for ever,to rule over world
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-10-4 15:53
your poor propaganda blogs get even more entertaining.
Reply Report seanboyce88 2016-10-8 10:49
China....just America 2.0 really.

The Irony of it all is how Chinese seem to think America is evil.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-10-9 09:01
thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.

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