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Trump's Nomination Shattered Our Hopes of a Peaceful and Harmonious Future

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Up to the beginning of the Republic convention in Cleveland, Ohio, I, as most people worldwide, was holding to a shred of hope that the American Republican Party would come into its own sense and find a logical and legal means to replace Donald Trump with a reasonably tolerant and reconciliatory candidate for the American presidency election that will be held on November 8th, 2016. However, the official nomination of Mr. Trump during the convention shattered the hopes of sensible people everywhere.

History will mark that day as a sad event for democracy and peace. Nevertheless, some optimistic individuals are still holding a glimpse of hope that Mr. Trump will be decidedly defeated by Hilary Clinton. However, we must be realistic enough to consider the fact that Mr. Trump may become the next American president.

Mr. Michael Moore, the liberal filmmaker, predicted that Trump will win the November election to become the new occupant of the oval office in the white house. He emphasized the fact that most people who hold reservations about the logic in having a president who, so far, offended Muslims, Mexicans, women and the Chinese people, as the president of a country that claims to be the most democratic and tolerant society in the world, live inside a shield of denial. They can not grasp the concept of seeing someone like Trump as their president.

Up to the beginning of 2016, people took Trump as the joke of the election season bearing in mind that he indicated in previous elections that he would enter or entered the race but withdrew at the last minute. His entrance to the presidential race was an eternal source of ridicule to the hosts of the American television shows.

Who could have imagined that he would earn enough votes to be officially declared as the Republican nominee for the presidency? However, here we are facing that ludicrous concept of seeing him defeat all attempts to dump him to win the nomination.

Most people thought that they were living a horrible nightmare hearing him uttering divisive statements that offended most decent people including the citizens of the USA.

How did that happen? He referred to use rhetorical statements such as “Let us make America great again”, “Let us keep America safe”, “Let us send all Hispanic people to their countries”, “I will ban Muslims from entering the USA” and “Let take a tough stand against China in trade issues” to recruit those who felt insecure regarding their safety under the presidency of Barack Obama.

He used the tragic events that took place during the election year to convince the weak and vulnerable that his presidency will restore order and eliminate tragic events to keep them safe.

It is logical to assume that the Muslim countries will reciprocate by banning Americans from entering their nations, which may lead to isolating Americans from the rest of the world.

Despite despising his divisive ideas and views, one must admit that he had enough resources at his disposal to employ devious strategies to gather enough delegates to win the nomination of the Republican Party.

Some of the objective and neutral political observers suggest that he may refer to the same strategies that helped him to win the nomination, to gather enough votes to win the presidency.

Political analysts emphasize the fact that despite the liberal views of Americans, they may be reluctant to elect a woman to be their next president. All the black spots in the history of the Clintons such as the Benghazi incident, Bill’s affairs and the issue of using  personal emails to deal with national diplomatic issues could lead some Americans to believe that Trump, despite all of his shortcomings, a viable alternative to Hilary Clinton.

That for sure would be a nightmare that could last for the next four years. Under his presidency, relations with China and other countries will deteriorate. With all his intolerance toward women, Hispanics and Muslims, he may lead the USA into a society filled with chaos and turmoil that could be heading toward disastrous civil war.

What can we do to prevent that from happening? Unfortunately, it is not up to us. It is up to the American people. However, we must encourage our citizens who hold the right to vote in the USA to be conscientious enough to use their privilege to support the other candidate.

We hope that, for the sake of peaceful existence and prosperous future for people worldwide, Americans would take few moments to reflect upon the consequences of having Trump as their future president prior to voting for him.

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Reply Report SimaYi 2016-7-30 14:43 dont even have choices...
Reply Report Ted180 2016-7-30 17:09
I'm quite confident that, after longer exposure to both Trump and Hillary Clinton, by November most Americans will realize how bad Trump is compared to Clinton. Trump will lose. So, in democracy, you do have SOME choices. Not as many or as good as you might wish. But more than OUTSIDE democracy. Everything in life is RELATIVE.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-7-30 18:51
Who is we?

You say that trump is offensive yet you insult his mostly working class supporters by saying that they are not sensible, they are weak and vulnerable, and you say that they are not decent people. And that they are unconscionable.

What exactly is wrong with the slogan "Make America Great Again"? And what is wrong with the slogan "Let us keep America safe"? How exactly is this offensive? The nationalism? This is America. How did you feel about the DNC chanting USA! USA! USA! ? Is a USA! chant offensive to you? And what is wrong with Americans wanting to keep illegal Mexican and other South Americans out of their country or wanting to deport the ones that are illegally in the USA? Border protection has been an important conservative issue long before Donald Trump started talking about it. And what country does not want secure borders for safety and to prevent the flow of illegal low skilled workers? And his supposed 'ban' on Muslims is not supposed to be permanent, just a pause so US can strengthen their vetting process, and since so many terror attacks are in the name of Islam then I do not see why this is so offensive, and Trump certainly isnt the only one suggesting it, we have many people calling for the same thing in Australia and many other nations. And as far as China is concerned - trade relationships do hurt working class Americans especially when many jobs have being offshored to China over the years. These are all issues that affect working class Americans and it is wrong of you to claim that they are not sensible or decent for having these concerns. You also imply that just by being a citizen of USA you are privileged.

I agree that you people are in total denial because look at the Brexit result even though all of the might of the western capitalist establishment was behind it. You people attacked us people in the very same way on Brexit as you have here in your post and it did not work.

After 8 years of Obama conservatives are ready to blow, and the working class in general is very angry. If Clinton wins they will blow. if Clinton wins Texas will secede. And other states too probably. If Clinton wins the Tea Party types will revolt and probably with guns. A Clinton win is far more likely to result in revolt or civil war than a Trump victory. And you keep saying most people but polls cannot be believed and Hilary is very very unpopular, plus the Bernie or Bust people are likely to vote for Trump or not at all. I cant see how Hilary can win no matter how much you people tell us that she will. Everyone seemed so certain that the Brexit would fail.

And Trump is just a head put in front of all that anger - same with Sanders. It is not about Sanders or trump, it is about the fact that the working class is fed up with being attacked and told that we are stupid for having concerns about the fact that things are great for you educated people but getting worse and worse all the time for the working class. You can try to disregard us as being stupid and racist and ignore our concerns if you want but it will not make the concerns go away. One of the main problems is that the working class have no voice and no-one to speak for us, only tricksters and frauds like Sanders and trump, and dont think that many of us are not aware of the fact that these people are frauds but we support them anyway because they are the only way to protest vote and the only way to push our mandate. We are not all as stupid as you seem to think.
Reply Report Ted180 2016-7-31 02:45
Who are "the working class"? Those below a certain level of income? Or formal education? If you are aware that Trump is a fraud, what do you gain by voting for him? It seems to me this anger at "the elite" is just plain jealousy and awareness of inferiority. And it is a denial of the value of knowledge and a laziness in not seeking it. Instead, concentrate on self-education to improve your intellectual status.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-8-2 09:35
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report seanboyce88 2016-8-5 23:51
another very very very reductionist article on the issue.

I am not a trump fan, but like many have said before, you are making so many assumptions and not fully understanding the issue at all. its sad that this got recommended...sad indeed.

I could argue as to why its so reductionist...But I would like to see you reply to the previous comment by hailchina first before I waste my time typing a reply. Just another article by someone who has only a vague grasp of whats happening and has jumped on the anti trump train not fully understanding why people are voting for him.
Reply Report Ted180 2016-8-14 20:29
As I predicted, the American are coming to see the craziness of Trump. He will be defeated. But the REAL problem is the corrupt Republican Party which is just a fraud to save the rich from paying the taxes they owe society. Hopefully, the disgust with Trump will cause great losses in the Senate and House for the Republicans.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-8-20 01:32
seanboyce88: another very very very reductionist article on the issue.

I am not a trump fan, but like many have said before, you are making so many assumptions a ...
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