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USA Double Talk Does Not Advance Peace in East Asia

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A thorough look at the USA foreign policy, one may discover that Americans have been dealing with major issues, from the Middle East Crisis to the latest tension between China, Japan and Philippine, using double talk.


Through the international venues of diplomacy, the USA insists that it entirely supports the efforts of resolving the conflict peacefully through constructive dialogue.


However, behind the scenes, it entices and encourages both Japan and the Philippine to stick to their positions. Furthermore, it supplies them with military and diplomatic support.


One may wonder about the reasons that prompted the USA to follow that destructive path of diplomacy.

Going back in time and examining the manners by which the USA dealt with international conflicts, one can see clearly that Americans believe that using double talk will help them to keep monopoly on world supremacy as the most powerful nation on earth.


For decades, the USA has been using the double talk in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Americans have been promising Arab nations that they support their cause of establishing a Palestinian state while doing everything possible to prevent that from happening. They have been vetoing every UN resolution that dared to criticize Israel harsh treatment of Palestinian and for settlement expansion in the occupied territories.

The USA is using the same destructive foreign policy in dealing with the China South Sea conflict. During exchanged visits between the Chinese government and the American administration, the USA indicated their intentions of being impartial mediators in resolving the conflict.


As soon as the face to face diplomacy ended, they go back to exerting every possible effort to keep the conflict unresolved by being biased toward both Japan and Philippine against China. Why would the USA like the conflict to remain unresolved?


During the recent years, China has been spreading its influence worldwide from Africa to Europe to South America.


As Americans watch in fear the success of the Chinese foreign policy, they hope by hyping the China South Sea conflict, China will have no resources to widen its role on the world stage.


Logic would gear one to believe that the China South Sea Conflict is a regional issue between those involved and should be resolved through constructive dialogue between them without the interference of Americans.

Americans must understand that their double talk doesn’t advance the efforts of achieving peace in East Asia.

The USA should work side by side with China to deal with the universal complex problems that may lead to our annihilation as a species.


The USA must cease from wasting time on finding means to weaken or tarnish the Chinese efforts to help developing countries in their struggle to create better lives for their citizens.

Of course, some readers may disagree with the contents of this article and that would be their prerogatives. My hope is seeing China and the USA working together in achieving harmonious coexistence with each other. The world stage is big enough for both to play major roles as superpowers.   

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-5-13 08:36
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report samlam 2016-5-13 15:16
The reason why America use double talk is that profit in these areas decides America use double talk.
Reply Report Donald_Trump 2016-5-13 16:08
pffffft....Double Talk? riiiiiiiight... gimme a break! Which mouth is your kingdom talking out of today Sava?.....
Reply Report Ted180 2016-5-13 21:48 (Pending for approval)
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Reply Report teamkrejados 2016-5-15 19:19
It's a classic case of 'do as I say, not as I do'. Could you imagine America's position if China were to do a America does?
Reply Report Ted180 2016-5-15 20:10
I think it's up to the US to take the initiative to show recognition of China's great power status in the region. After all, in the Caribbean Sea, Central and South America the US has full dominance (with the most minor challenges from Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc). China should be free of any challenging forces in Korea and Taiwan. The US should publicly urge Taiwan to rejoin China and stop all military aid to Taiwan. The US should arrange with China and the R. of Korea the timing of the removal of all US forces from ROK and the cancellation of all US-ROK military treaties. It would be expected that China would promptly replace the Kim regime in DPRK, disarm DPRK and send PLA forces to guard the DMZ. I think this would end the South China Sea nonsense. Then China and the US could set about pacifying the entire world as allies that have few conflicts between them.
Reply Report seanboyce88 2016-5-18 13:13
"As Americans watch in fear the success of the Chinese foreign policy"

I think you are not entirely correct here...American foreign policy on the most part is still top notch. Maybe not all across the board, but it's still got strong powerful friends around the world.

This is one place China is lacking actually. China is making friends, but they are not of the same caliber as Americas.

I am not saying much else about your blog, I however would ask you do look at such issues objectively. You have nationalist blinkers on again.

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