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The Canadian Easter spirit is alive in China

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As a Canadian, I pay a great deal of attention to festive holidays. I do believe that they permit us a golden opportunity to socialize with our families and friends. The everlasting memories of past celebrations in Canada helped me to combat the feeling of missing my children. Therefore, I have a profound tendency to try to share the joys of festivities with my students who will advance their studies abroad. I am hoping that the experience will prepare them for the social events of the Western lifestyles.


As Easter approaches, April 20th, 2014, I began to contemplate about means to celebrate the precious occasion with my students.


Previously, after discussing the issue with my students, we all came to the same conclusion. There isn’t a better way to enjoy the joys of Easter than to have a picnic at one of the parks near our school. Since Easter fell on a Sunday, we decided to have the picnic on Good Friday.


The hard task was to convince the administration of my school to let me take my students out of the classroom. Seeing my enthusiasm and determination, they agreed emphasizing that I must take some precautions to guarantee their safety.


To prepare the students for being leaders of the future, I divided the students into groups of five and selected a leader for each group to be responsible for the safety of their classmates. Few teachers accompanied us for supervision duties.


Easter wouldn’t be fun without a treasure hunt. I hid one, two, five or ten RMB inside the classroom and let the students find them. I will never forget the excitement of those who were lucky enough to find a 10 RMB and the enthusiasm of my students to search for one of the hidden prizes. Smiles were shining on their faces. Hearing their laughter shall remain vivid in my memory forever.


As most Canadians, I  wanted to have a barbecue to satisfy my taste buds with delicious food without feeling guilty but that was impossible considering the hazards involved with lighting a fire in a park. Therefore, we asked the students to bring their lunches. When we arrived at the park, we put all food items on a blanket to share with each other teach them about the importance and pleasure of sharing.


One of the major events of Easter is the fun that comes with coloring boiled eggs. We held a contest to allow my students to show their artistic talents. Four winners got a symbolic prize of 10 RMB each. It was amazing to see my students coming up with exceptional designs to win the coveted prizes. Without stating the obvious, everyone enjoyed the experience immensely.


A picnic without fun games would be boring. Therefore, I came up with few fun games to play with them. We held running on one leg and walking on their hands while their partners held their feet up races with symbolic prizes for the winners.  We divided the students into two groups and played strength pulling game in which both groups pulled on my poor scarf that was torn to pieces.  We played football and silly games such as finding a person blindfolded with us guiding them with hot if they were near and cold if they were far.  For certain, the experience was unforgettable.


Fortunate for us, the weather was magnificent and the park was crowded. Some of the visitors gathered around to watch us having the time of our lives. At the end of the picnic, I asked both teachers and students about the experience. They, all, said that they had a memorable time outside the restrictive atmosphere of classes and hope to make the Easter picnic a yearly event.


To teach my students the importance of being grateful toward their teachers and principals for their hard work to help them, we bought Easter baskets for the principals and small chocolate bunnies for teachers. I can’t describe their feelings of pride and joy upon receiving the gifts.


This year, I would like to take my students on a treasure where they can search for bars of chocolate around the campus of our school if the climate permits us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.


To all Chinese who celebrate the occasion, happy Easter and may you have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

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Creative class fun!

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