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Beijing's Vibrant Offerings...How to find the balance?

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There are many "temptations" in life.  

Hang out with friends, meet new friends, join an extracurricular club, learn calligraphy or martial arts, study Chinese, attend extra classes, make some money teaching, hang out in the mall and window shop or people-watching, check out the latest high-priced items in branded stores, visit tourists attractions, attend the theater...  

What other activities do you love Beijing offers?

I believe this vibrant way of life is often under-represented when Beijing is portrayed in the Media.  It's such a great city for being able to not only offer, but nurture these concoction of goodies.

How do you guys find the balance?  How do you take it all in? #reallystartingtofallinlovewithbeijing

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Reply Report 财神 2014-4-20 16:02
hahhaha so many things. this is all about the life style, time pass and hangout of feelings.  
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-20 17:27
Spending time in both cities, I used to say : I live in Shanghai and exist in Beijing. That is probably a little unfair on Beijing!  I'll add: watching live soccer from England on TV in Sanlitun. Of course, it can more easily be done in Shanghai.  

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  • Staying Cool in the Summer Heats 2014-6-3 15:05

    8 glasses, how much liters in total? thats a lot ! apparently im not drinking enough, but these days are raining tempeture dropped lots, now is only 17 degree.

  • How do you know if that person is the one to marry? 2014-5-30 10:01

    It took me sometime to gather the courage to dive at my first cliff.  just as much as it took me some time to "commit" to a serious relationship.  Malerwei, the analogy I tried to make is the ability to "take the dive of no return" is just like getting into a serious relationship i.e. marriage.  For non-experts i.e. first-time divers, one does not know how beautiful or graceful the whole episode will be.  But the trust that all will work out is the key.  Im not married yet, so I guess we'll have to see if my theory stands once I do hehe.  

    Appreciate the comments all!

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