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The best choice

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   In life, we always do the choice, every time we all hope it is the best choice, but when we decide to do for a while, we start to doubt whether the choice that we have done is right or not. sometimes we is even self-condemned for the choice. We think why we didn’t choose another way or road, if we chose, maybe it will be the better than now, and so on. but we ignore it is only our imagine. It has the good aspects and bad aspects for any choice. At that time, when we chose, it must have been the best choice.

      The things are developmental, when you chose, it suited your requirements. As time goes on,the environment around you also change continually. You will find it isn’t so suited you. But it isn’t the mistake about your choice. Any choice may not be right absolutely ,forever.

       It will have the gain for every experience. If you feel you can’t adapt the environment again, you may do a new , it will also be the best choice.

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-3-3 09:26
In manufacture industry, we often say:"There is no the best product but better one!"  This principal is also fit on many occasions in real life!
It mabe a joke when you in serious manner declare that your spouse is the best choice for marriage!  The basic fact should be that you have done a lot for your decision and you are ready to be responsible for that! (Kidding for laughing!)
Reply Report ephil_cn 2019-3-4 14:52
SEARU: In manufacture industry, we often say:"There is no the best product but better one!"  This principal is also fit on many occasions in real l ...
yes, you are right.

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  • Whether I should say good bye or not 2019-4-22 11:32

    SEARU: I agree with you! It is a pity for the advanced Internet technology  and service through which many kind people have been seriously hurt on feeling or ...
    You are an old driver, too.

  • Whether I should say good bye or not 2019-4-20 16:01

    ephil_cn: thank you for your suggestions. maybe we will not  meet  forever.
    if this man is not willing to meet you, or is evasive about his marital status - move on.
    Go out, meet real people, take part in sports/social activities.
    don't sit in your room brooding or feeling sorry for yourself.
    online friendship is not as emotionally satisfying or as mentally healthy as real-life relationships.

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