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If only you want enough

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        It was 5 years ago, I was still in beijing as a trainee for my postgraduate study. The company that I worked located in the Dongcheng District. There is a park beside the company. At that time, every day after we had the lunch and dinner, my classmate and I walked in this park in order to digest the food, and release the stress in the work. Day by day it almost became custom for us.

       We talked so much when we went along the lake, it was most exciting me when we talked about the dream. Especially when I talked my dreams , I have too many dreams from my childhood to now, but they were realized little. Every time, when I talked one of my dreams, my classmate always said “ you can realize it”, He was the person who always said less.Many times, when he said this words, I kept silent, I thought , maybe,he palter with me. I didn’t want to say too much for his paltering. Because it only chatted randomly at our leisure time.

         After a long time, we talked about dreams again, I said if I could enter to the Stanford University and accomplish my doctor degree, then I wouldn’t have the pity during my whole study life. He still said “yes,you can”. That time, I couldn’t take this paltering again. I asked him why did you palter with me every time? He said “ I don’t palter with you, I am listening seriously, morever I also answer you seriously every time.” I said no matter what I said, you always told me it could be realized by me, in fact, it is impossbile for me to realize them, I said many objective. He smiled,then said” they aren’t all the reasons, the true reasons are that you don’t want to do it enough, if you want to realize it enough, nothing can stop you”. I said nothing, but I thought his words. He was right, actually I indeed did nothing for my dreams. It also means I didn’t want enough. Yes, if only you want enough, you can do anything that you want to do… 

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