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Tt is March again

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 It was March, the flowers were opening,
 All things begined to wake up.
 After several winters, the ice that congealed in her heart finally melted away.
 As a drop of rain, felled to the round and died silently.
 It was four years, no March was in her world.
 It seemed that she waked up form the dream and begined to feel the breath of the March after she was deep asleep for
four years.
 Although the steps of spring were still slow,
 She could still feel the warmer.
 She could finally enjoy the sakura that she liked very much in this March.                                                                                    
 She still remembered that March,                                                            
 The sakura was opening flashily,
 She carved her thoughts in the petals,
 She hoped that he could know her thoughts when he passed some day.
 But, the flowers bloomed and faded,
 He didn't still know.
 Maybe, he had known long ago,
 But there was also a piece of ice that rejected to melt away in his heart.                                                           
 Until all petals withered...
 it was cold when the wind overblowed.
 She didn't enjoy the sakura again,
 She hoped that March never existed in the world.
 That year, he left for another city,
 He sang 《friends》 full of feeling against many friends who sent him off,
 Bothe she and he liked the song very much.
 They had always many same hobbies and interests,
 She could always find the songs that she liked in his music,
 She could always find the books that she liked in his bookshelf,
 They always chose the same dishes from a menu without appointment,
 They always had the same point with a question,
 She entered his blog and wrote the messages, no matter who she pretended, he still knew who she was.
 They always talked tacit agreement,
 They could hardly believe so many common points for themselves.
 So, they ever appointed to become good brothers forever,
 But, she felt more and more hard,
 if only he didn't say his thoughts, she would still insist in.                                     
 He continued to sing the song 《friends》
 All things echoed in her heart,
 She remembered his kinds for her,
 She rememered the happy days that spent together.
 All would become memories with her leaving
 She was always silent,
 But the tears dropped like the beads, hit her heart.
 The weather was very hot, but her heart was cold.
 She always wept on her way to the airport.
 She could express her inner with the words, it seems in separation and death for her.
 She didn't hope that he left...
 The plane flied, it seemed light, seemed heavier for her...                                                                                       
 She thought that they could see each other again,
 But she missed him in every day for four years and never stopped.
 She hoped to know his any information, but he seldom called her or sent the message to her.
 She could only wait, wait for his information, she hoped he could live well in another city...         
 Actually, she disliked to wait, but she still waited every days in four days.
 Unexpect, they met in the same city after four years.
 There was complicated feelings in her inner,
 They appointed to see each other, but she always delayed,
 Finally, they met in one morning, the sun was good,
 That was the first time to meet after he left...
 In four years time, many things had changed, but her feelings didn't change with time,
 They chatted optionally, it seemed that they never separated.
 But they never talked about their life in four years.
 She felt sad, but her tears could drop her heart...
 From that time, there was short distance in their office, but they met rarely,
 Time passed every day,
 Maybe she tired,
 Maybe she thought they suited to become brothers or friends more,
 That night, she played the song 《the brother on my upper berthe》with the guitar,
 She didn't play the song《you know i am waiting for you》 again.
 She felt light when the string was stired...

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