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Bless my father

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        My father was in the hospital again yesterday, Since  father was ill for cerebrovascular disease in 2008, Every year, it needs to be the hospital for the recure. Every time, father is imcompatibility in his inner. Sometimes we are angry for this, sometimes I felt I can understand him very much...
       Ever, father was a armyman who took part in many wars, he was hurted in the war for liberating Xizang on his brain, it wasn't serious but saved the stamp. father suffered too much misery in there age. But father was never crushed, he still needed to provide for his little brothers and my gradfather, and our families, he never felt difficult, in order to provide for us, he worked endless. He had good health, in our eyes, father would be heathy and young forever, we never thought father would be so sick until it happened, it was a serious hit for our families, it was worse hit for father, he couldn’t accept the fact for a long time. Because the cure was in time and the good basis for body, the recover is better than other people who got so sickness. Father didn’t lie in the bed after he was out of the hospital. Father could walk and do some things by himself, but the flexibility was worse than the formerly. Father always hoped it could recover the status before he was sick. We all knew it was impossible because of the age. But we couldn’t persuade him. He found he couldn’t still recover the former status after he had taken many medicines. He was often angry and anxious, and rejected to use the medicines and go to the hospital and check. He thought all secure was unuseful. Every time mother spent many time and spirit to persuade him. He was hit from his spirit, our persuasion was in vain. We were sad for this. What we could do was to continue to persuade. it always kept the condition for four years since sickness.

        But unfortunately, last year father was serious ill for the hospital again, we was frightened once again. Fortunately, father escaped the disaster again. We were glad for this. But father was silent from that time, he didn’t speak again, without angry. He was silent every day, he only changed from the bed to chair or from the chair to bed.He sit for a while when he was tired in the bed. He could still walk slowly, but he wasn’t willing to walk. Every time, the doctor told the exercise is important for so sick. we also know this because of many sick cases. When father was silent the whole day, this makes us more sad.  I would like to see father angry and blame us than sinlence. He doesn’t care for any thing that he ever cared…

       Yesterday, mother told me that father needed to go to the hospital again, she said it didn’t need us to go home and take care. It is the routine check for father every year. She said I didn’t worry about this. I can only call mother every day to know some things. This morning, I called mother, father spoke with me for several words, when he picked up the mobile, he spoke with wept voice. At that time, I couldn’t control my tears. For the whole morning, my inner is sad. How import the healthy is, when it is lost, it can't set back again.

         How much I hope father can cheer up to defeat the sickness ! Bless my father !

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