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To Define Happiness

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Understandings towards happiness vary from person to person. It is truly hard to give a specific definition of happiness. However, it is no denying that happiness is considered very important in life. It is almost on everyone’s lips that he or she wants to live a happy life.


In reality, people in different stages may set up different goals for coming days. These goals are further specified in terms of diverse occupations. They could be big enough requiring a long way to go while small or negligible just aimed at stepping forward. It is believed that a small child who says he dreams to be a scientist in the future is happy at that moment. Although he may not become a scientist owing to intricate factors after he grows up, he could still embrace happiness while doing what he really likes to do. In other words, each person has the right to define happiness based on circumstances that he feels satisfied without too many regrets left.


However, people at present live in an interconnected society. It is inevitable to compare what they possess with others around. At this time, the gap between gives birth to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. For example, in China, parents gathering together like to compare their children in terms of scores, honors, university, job, wage and son or daughter in law, etc. till they grow up. Consequently, children giving comparatively bad performances would feel unhappy and are required to catch up with so-called model children. Continuous comparisons could only lead to increasing unhappiness. Nevertheless, it seems that comparisons are impossible to fade away.  Hence, try to adjust the state of mind, focus on yourself and live up to realistic targets.


There is no doubt that fantasy without actions only drives people away from happiness. Though dreaming about happy life would definitely be a stimulus, only putting dreams into practices in time and working hard could people approach happiness as quickly as possible. It should be recognized that the right to define and interpret happiness lies in your own hands. Therefore, harbor a peaceful mind and strive for your own satisfied life!      

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