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Chinese Reality Show Calls for Indigenous Innovation

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Recently, TV program “the voice of China” (season three) on Zhejiang television network has set off a high ratings frenzy once again. Other reality shows like “Daddy, where are we going?”, “I am a singer” and “If you are the one” have also been enjoying a huge popularity. Upon opening the television, a multiplicity of reality shows saturates the majority of local television networks; however, most of them fall into the same category and lack specific characteristics.


Generally speaking, there are following kinds of reality shows in most local television networks: parent-child show, dating show, talent show, talk show and outdoor sports show. If one program launched in a local satellite television hits the market greatly, other satellite television networks will compete to set off similar programs for high audience share and sequent profits. For example, talent show “Super Girl” premiered in Hunan TV network stirred the whole China in 2005. Consequently, reality talent shows of similar kind were launched by the other local TV networks in succession, producing stars from all walks of life. Likewise, dating program “If you are the one” premiered in Jiangsu television also brings out lots of imitations at home.


Pitifully, these seemingly leading television networks are not the real creator and inventor of the show. Actually they just imitate or introduce the mode overseas. Online reports show almost every famous reality program “shanzhai” foreign show to some extent. Sometimes, local television networks have to pay foreign companies for the intellectual property at a high price. Even if they do well in remaking and adding something new, they still bring about doubts and critiques because of the lack of creativities. If the current situation remains unchanged, Chinese television broadcasting industry will find it hard to make a big step forward. No one stands out to break the mold and sets a successful example so that no new vitality is injected into the industry. Meanwhile, it will have a negative effect on Chinese external communication and soft power construction.


Admittedly, the television industry in China is still in the ascendant phase; it is necessary for us to draw on the successful experiences of other countries. However, blindly copy without indigenous innovation tends to be no benefit to the industry growth in the long run. Instead of purchasing other countries’ patent, it is high time that local television networks as well as central television network focused on creating their own reality shows with specific characteristic. “Created in China” ideal should also be put into practice in culture industry. In the meantime, local television networks shall stop contending each other for audience ratings by making similar shows, which undoubtedly leads to a waste of resource and intensifies low-taste and entertaining trend in television programming field. Undoubtedly, unique, innovative reality shows will attract audiences naturally.

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