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Shared Leadership

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Shared leadership, first invented by coaches in big time college sports, is a new emerging style of leadership. It is typically used in teamwork-oriented tasks.


 Different from traditional top-down leadership which clearly defines leaders and followers, shared leadership does not involve an obvious leader who is supposed to make final decisions. Everyone is a potential leader depending on the requirements of specific circumstances and the experience and capacities of the people involved.


In the modern management mode, top-down leadership is still widely present. However, this style of leadership is not perfect, the drawbacks of which are becoming increasingly apparent. Corporate bankruptcy due to decision-making error is a living example. Compared to top-down leadership, shared leadership focuses more on the realization of every member’s talents. It can also help protect against corruption and unethical behavior through the spread of power and influence.   


Shared leadership has much to offer in dynamic, competitive situations. But there are still some limits to when it is likely to be most helpful, including complexity of the task, interdependence in the work system, amount of creativity required and so on. When the task is complicated, interdependent and challenging, shared leadership could be given highest priority.


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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-6-1 16:30
There are other words for this term. It is sometimes called participative leadership when the focus is on how decisions are made. However shared leadership can be a kind of rotating leadership - such as every meeting of the management team, a different team member gets to chair the meeting. Which kind of shared leadership were you thinking of?
Reply Report RitaY 2014-6-2 22:26
ColinSpeakman: There are other words for this term. It is sometimes called participative leadership when the focus is on how decisions are made. However shared leade ...
Thank you for your comment first! From my perspective, shared leadership mainly focus on teamwork where everyone's opinion has an impact on final decision. It may be applied in many different situations. I agree on your idea that it is like rotating leadership but it may still focus on a team.

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