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The last days of June in Fuzhou

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The last days of June have been very special to me... I still remember four years ago, I took my flight to China in the last days of June. 

Today, four years on... i still experience myriads of feelings during the last days of June.

First, The end of June marks the actual start of the heat wave in Fuzhou. Not that I do not like the sunshine but Fuzhou's summer is remarkably hot. Staying in Fuzhou through the last days of June until July is really a pain.

The end of June does not just bring the heat wave along with it but it also brings the stress of exams. Indeed, end of June means end of semester and end of semester means exams. Studying, acquiring last minute knowledge, understanding portions of the syllabus that were so far a riddle. Finally doing the exam and coming out of the examination hall, smiling about how all that stress was totally worth it.

Well, life in Fuzhou through the end of June is not that bad because by this period of the year, I am always very happy that I have completed another academic year. Exams are the final stretch towards completing another level and just the departure line towards a new one. When doing a medical degree in china, completing a year represents a tremendous achievement. Usually, by the end of June, this is one feeling that I am gratified with.

While the last days of June means the completion of a semester for me, for some of my friends, it meant graduation... Yes, this year quite a handful of my Chinese friends graduated. For them, it is the beginning of a new life while for me, it was a feeling of nostalgia. As I come back from home, I might not see them again...

Then again, the last days June also mean a form of rediscovery. Going back home to my family is one of the best feeling about the end of June. That is when I realize that no matter what happens through my whole academic year, there comes this moment of absolute happiness of being able to be with my family again. 

Every month is special in its own way, bringing in flavors of different kinds into our lives. Yet, ever since I came to China, the last days of June have brought in different moods into my life. The last days of June made me get an insight about the Chinese Yin yang theory ...

Contemplating the last days of June is Fuzhou...

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