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China... 4 years on ...

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It has now been four years that I have been in China, four years where I have learnt myriad of things about life, four years of incessant discovery in China, four years of emancipation and four years of progress. 

As I go four years back to who I was, I can certainly say that I have grown in many ways. I have become used to many Chinese practices, I have adapted myself to many Chinese behaviors and lifestyles. Four years on, I still find it funny when I encounter certain situations and behaviors from people. My life has definitely changed in many ways after coming to China but there are a few things about China that might never just change. I have simply learnt to live with them.

"黑人" Hei ren, this is one such phrase that I often hear from many kids who might spot me in random places. While some parents would correct them to say Waiguo pengyou"外国朋友", others would simply prefer to stare on. For the first few times, I would feel a bit annoyed, but now, I prefer to smile and correct them myself with the little Chinese I know. In most of the cases, they end up smiling and complimenting my Chinese. 

"Carrying an umbrella wherever I go"- This is one important lesson that I have learnt after having encountered a few misadventures with the unpredictably erratic Fuzhou weather. After four years in Fuzhou, this is one practice that has saved me quite a few times from the scorching sun and a few times from a sudden downpour. Whenever i go out, I prefer to be prepared and carry an umbrella to welcome either the sun or the rain.

One Chinese practice that took me by total surprise was to see kids peeing on the streets. My friends and I have also seen parents carrying their babies over to dustbins and have their kids pee in them. This is one practice that I still find hard to accept, especially when there are so many public restrooms all over the place. Four years on, I am cautious not to take any pool of fluid to be just water. 

Smoking is one habit that I find very annoying. Coming from a country where smoking in public places is banned and failure to comply by the rules would lead to fines, I find it hard to accept the fact that Chinese people still smoke in areas where smoking is prohibited I often find Chinese smoking on the staircase in the hospitals, right under the prohibition sign. 

Eating with chopsticks- I still remember when I first came to China I had a hard time eating with chopsticks, I would often end up feeling full, not after eating but after struggling with my chopsticks and a few mouthfuls of food. But now, I find it very easy to manipulate a pair of chopsticks. 

Rash driving- Chinese drivers, be it bus drivers, taxi drivers or even the ones on the electronic bikes, all of them are rash drivers. Sometimes, even walking on the same streets as them can be a danger. My reflexes have certainly become quicker within these four years of been on the Chinese roads. 

I should say China is very different from Mauritius, my country but I really cherish my days in China. Fours years on, China has made me into who I am today. Fours years on, I can say that I have beautifully embraced the Chinese culture which was previously unknown to me. Four years on, I have learnt a language that was almost incomprehensible in the beginning. Fours years on, I know that there is still more to come in China...

China four years on

my umbrella experience

peeing in public

No smoking

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