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Road to 旗山 万佛寺...

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It was a typical cloudy afternoon in Fuzhou, a seemingly boring afternoon where I didn't have anything interesting to do. I just decided to take a stroll around my campus to get some fresh air. As I got out, the first thing that seemed to have caught my attention were those gigantic  Qi (旗)mountains. I have always had the habit of gazing at them ever since I came to Fuzhou but today they seemed different. I felt like something was pulling me towards them. Surprisingly, I bumped into a friend of mine who suggested that we head towards Qishan. 

Now, one thing that I have learnt in Fuzhou is to just follow my instincts and there I was heading to Qishan. As we were driving to our destination, I realized that even though this place was just some 15 km away from my campus, I had actually never been there. Some 30 minutes after those bumpy roads and those ups and downs, we now reached a majestic stone entrance. I got down and strolled around just to catch a glimpse of a huge breathtaking Buddha statue that stood magnificently, in the middle of a lake, a little beyond that entrance. 

This place had made my day...! The feeling of boredom that was in me seemed to have dissolved without leaving any trace. It seemed like I had landed up in yet another place that I was yet to discover in Fuzhou. As I made my way to what looked like a huge temple, I found the most beautiful collection of life size Buddha statues, different sizes, different poses, different looks, all were stone sculptures. I could say I was mesmerized but this was not just what was in store for me. I made my way to the main building and stood still for a couple of minutes. I have never seen a more stunning Buddha temple in my life, right in front of me stood 6 splendid titanic golden Buddha statues glittering from any angle one would see them front. 

I silently made my way through the hall, trying not to disrupt the on going prayer session. I witnessed the most exquisite collection of Buddha sculptures that were meticulously arranged on the either sides of the hall. I never felt so much peace; this place seemed to radiate some kind of positive vibes that I had never experienced before. I roamed through the gardens, along the lake and I enjoyed every single second of time there. I had spent almost five hours in this place, of which I knew no particular details but I felt safe.I felt like I had found heaven on earth. Right then, I found huge rock template upon which was engraved the name of this place, QISHAN WAN FO SHI-  TEN THOUSAND BUDDHA TEMPLE MONASTERY.

Again, I realized that Fuzhou will never cease to surprise me. I had stumbled upon a National treasure again by complete luck. I felt I had achieved some kind of a zenith not because of my new discovery but because I had realized that I landed in Fuzhou for a reason. The Qishan Wan Fo Shi is not a National treasure for China but it is also a priceless symbol in the international scene. I felt blessed that such a beautiful and divine place existed in the same city which I call home for almost four years now. 

Fuzhou... you will never cease to surprise me...  

The stone entrance

Buddha statues


Buddha statue in the middle of the lake

旗山 万佛寺

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