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welcomed by a new member in the family...

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The feeling of getting back home after 3 long long years was simply the best. I still have vivid memories of each and every moment that brought me a step closer to my home, to where i belong. As i set my foot in my home, i felt complete. I felt at peace, i felt as if all my lost energies had come back to me. I made a tour of my entire house, as if i was checking whether everything was just the way i had left it. And yes! Everything seemed the same save for one thing or rather one being... 
I was welcomed by a new member in my family. As i made way to my garden, i found myself face to face with this chubby faced baby that looked up at me innocently. Upon seeing that cute little face, it was obvious that it could not be more than a few months old. A face, whom anyone would love to take up in their arms and cuddle. Indeed, this new member was none other than a cute little brown and black baby boxer. 
As Tiger, as we call it, saw me, it started sniffling me, tapped his paws on my feet and hopped into my lap and looked into my eyes and i gazed back into its deep black round marble like eyes... As if to check who i was, somehow, the vibes between tiger and I seemed to have worked out instantly. I had never imagined, even i my wildest dreams, that i would be cuddling a boxer, playing with it, feeding it potato chips or even letting a dog sleep on my legs. I was the kind of person who would bypass a road completely if i had gotten to know that one of the houses had a dog. But now, Tiger is my best friend, my partner in crime, my most loyal companion.
I have read in books, seen interviews of vet doctors and movies that dogs are the most loyal beings and the best friends for their masters. Now i have witnessed it! Our baby tiger has made my whole family younger as we all have to play with him. No matter how tired or upset we are, the very sight of this bundle of joy brings back smile to our faces. Indeed, tiger is a blessing to my whole family and whoever met us after my baby tiger's arrival say that He is not just a dog but the smallest baby boy of our home....  

Miss you my baby tiger...!

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