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Belt & Road Initiative: Pakistan as Major Player

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Belt & Road initiative is trending recently globally with Chinese focus to connect Asia, Europe and Africa for economic cooperation and development. President Xi's initiative got huge encouragement and many countries are now part of this initiative. Similarly Pakistan has shown a greater interest in this project and started China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as major part of Belt and Road. Gawadar port is one of major development in CPEC which later will be used for international trade through Pakistan. In Pakistan both the federal and provincial are launching projects with cooperation of Chinese government and local governments in China. Chief Minister of Punjab Provence of Pakistan, participated in local event organised by Tianjin local government and discussed about CPEC and economic projects. Earlier in April, Chief Minister of KPK Provence of Pakistan participated in business event in Beijing, where more than 500 Chinese companies participated and signed projects of over 10 Billion Dollars. 
Belt and Road conference launched in Beijing in May and head of states of many countries participated. After this conference Pakistan premier also visited AliBaba Group head quarters and signed initial MOU to start working in Pakistan. This initiative will lead many Chinese internet companies to Pakistan while following AliBaba. Apart from this many other projects signed on government level. 
There are many challenges involved in CPEC and are directly proportional to success of CPEC project. Most important and discussed challenge is security, on Pakistan side strong measures are taken by the government of Pakistan by giving security part to Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army is a professional and trained force which is believed to be best selection for security. Islamabad and Beijing both believe that Pakistan Army will take well care of security and all personals involved in CPEC will be safe and special security measures will be taken. 
Another challenge is language and to counter this problem both governments are encouraging study Chinese language. Both federal and local governments are providing scholarships to student to study in China and be part of Belt and Road in longer time. 
Prosperity will come to Pakistan if all these projects get successful completion and it is believed that Pakistan will be more better in economy. China has long friendly relationship with Pakistan and CPEC will lead into a stronger relations with China. 
This can be concluded that Belt and Road conference was a perfect event for Pakistan to seize the opportunity to improve their importance and participation in Belt and Road initiative. 

What are your thoughts on Belt & Road?


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Reply Report seneca 2017-5-18 13:00
For a country like Pakistan the temptation to join this project must be irrepressible. But there are caveats that should not be ignored: infrastructure investments cost enormous amounts of money. if a foreign bank lends you the money you have to swallow your pride and forget about your sovereignty.

Some small countries already are groaning under the heavy debt burden China imposes on them. Think of tiny Laos. Any participating nations should borrow money only if they can keep the job to be done to their own work force. Don't hire foreign construction workers and borrow money to pay their salaries!
Reply Report nosherwanabbasi 2017-5-18 18:52
You got the point seneca, and Government of Pakistan must be foreseeing these issues. And there is a large contribution from Pakistan side too so it will benefit both the countries.

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