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Case Study of China Daily presented at 2014 International Conference

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The 2014 International Conference & Forum held in Communication University of China (CUC) on Saturday, 26 April. Focus topic was Communication Research and Education in a Globalization Academic Community. Scholars presented their papers from various majors of communication research. 

One of scholar "Wu Minsu", faculty member of Journalism and Communication in CUC presented a case study of China Daily. She talked about the use of new media strategies used by China Daily. Below is the abstract presented by her in the conference.

Topic: Strategies of English-language Print Media in the Era of Media Convergence
Abstract: In the new media age, China's English-language print media witnessed enormous change in the way they generate news and audience consume their "products". As technology develops, the integration of many media forms like mobile phones, newspapers, networks and video is also growing rapidly. Thus, China Daily, one of the leading English-language news organisations in China, has created a wide range of digital platforms to rise up to the challenges posed by the trends of media convergence. the key objectives of this essay are to provide a brief introduction to the status quo of China Daily's new media development, to elaborate its approached for addressing the issues emerging from the new media development, to elaborate its approaches for addressing the issue emerging from the new media development process and to discuss their inspiration to the English-language print media in China.
Keywords: China Daily, Media Convergence, New media development, Print Media

What do you think about the China Daily use of New media? 

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report 财神 2014-4-27 09:30
it is the pioneer of china's reformation who leads china towards the outer world.
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-27 12:17
The new media has significantly altered China Daily in different periods. Firstly, while the print version was widely distributed in China, the addition of international editions in USA and Europe, although in print, could not have taken off without online access. Then as more folks read digital news on kindle, tablets etc, the China Daily apps become important. I read most China Daily on my I-Pad, though I still pick up the print copy when I can. The speed of interaction is much faster and broader by new media. Of course space is not limited like in the print versions.
Reply Report tedbrent 2014-5-3 15:35
ColinSpeakman has a point.

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