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Cut me some slack I need a gap month!

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I am either on a date, or on the way to a date!

26 years old, master degree, working in a state-owned company, stable salary, amazing parents, has never officially fallen in love before, I, Jennifer, is trying to find a boyfriend.



But where is THE ONE? I have been working for a year now, have seen a lot of wonderful guys, how many?Em,,,,,,,, my fingers are just not enough to count! oh I have toes!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!yeah?????



For me, who survived the Chinese educational system, trust me, I am a tough one when it comes to exams!Now, the thing is the easiest love has become the most difficult part in my life, I have been taught that falling in love is sth that should NEVER ever happen in school, and it can be so devastating and shameful to fall in love when u r studing as a student.if that happened, my parents would commit suicide or go wrist cutting or do sth worse than that. Kidding. But I do have a friend who has fallen in love when she was a senior high, her father theatened her to stop the relationship or else he would lay himself on the railyway tracks to kill himself, at last, my friend said goodbye to her first love to save her poor daddy's life, and perhaps everyone is happy.



In China, there's an old saying: do what you should do when u r in a specific stage of life. Student should only focus on studing, and adults should pay attention to work and family, OMG!I believed in it and OMG it is the biggest and saddest lie ever!!! I feel I am deserted by the so-called society, I studied in a foreign language school when i was 13, I learned liberal arts back in high school, majored in English in university, which all means I have fewer contacts with boys!From my mom's side, all this is so safe, but instead of feeling pretected I feel bored and inconfident.



When I started to work as an adult, all of a sudden, there's a little bird behind me murmured to me: Hey!time to love !Yeah! Time to have a bf! He should be tall handsome rich romantic and smart! Guess what? The reality slapped me in my face to make me realize that when u r not tall slim pretty rich romantic and funny, it is not that possible to find the prince chaming as u imainged.




On the countray, some of the boys are boring lazy sarcastic snobbish and , well u name it, the thing is I don't understand their jokes, I don't like the way they deal with people, is it they don't know how to respect people or is it me who is easily offended?I just can't figure it out, or I will never will. 



They say men are visual, but don't think for a second that women aren't, there's a guy who went on a date with me asking: what does it mean to have feelings for you girls?what qualities are you trying to find in a men that will make up your mind to be his gf?I know they are the right questions I also want to know for boys, but at that time, I was speechless and it is a shame!I feel bad for turning him down later, because he is too nice to me, which makes me scared.



Adele said : sometimes love lasts but sometimes love hurts instead, maybe I had karma for breaking a nice guy's heart, I was turned down ruthlessly by my first bf, who said so many harsh things to attack me to end the relationship, fortunately, I am a tough independent lady, I didn't get a degree for nothing! I know that when someone tries to break your heart by telling how bad you are, if you don't agree with them, then, they are wrong! and it doesn't worth it to swallow your pride for a bad guy, or they are good guys, it is just things wouldn't hit it off between you two, perhaps it is time to let go and move on, it is for everyone's good!Now I don't remember his face, but i rememered we had amazing happy moments being together as a couple, though short, it is indeed unforgettable, and for me, that is enough!



Love has never been easy, so does our life, but on this long long journey of searching, I still believed in love, anyway, you could only end up with being one true love and get married, a little bit of patience is truly necessary. For this moment,
I hope everyone can find your true love, and live happily ever after like in a fairy tale! you never know!you just never know!



God bless love!


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