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One step closer to the tale in my heart

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Aershan is a beautiful little town in my heart, as early as I could remember, it has the unique charm that attacted me when I was a high school student, and that was almost nine years ago! Yeah, so many things changed after the long long nine years, me, Aershan, but not my endless love for it, besides, this time, I have a better camera, which is amazing!

I went to Aershan for three times, the second time was two years ago, my family and I visited the National park, which showed the Heaven lake and the lava scattered around, there were a lot of tourists back then taking pictures and talking about how Aershan mesmerized them, for me, the real charisma is the green mountains and the blue sky, I feel I am escaping from reality being around the nature. When you close your eyes and listen, everything is so peaceful, and you can literally smell the nature and relax your soul.

It is amazing to say that the hot sping in Aershan has a special effect on your skin, after being in the hot spring for about two hours, your skin does feel nicer! For me this is magical because it is more effective than most of the cosmetics, even though the ticket is expensive. They say that for all the hotel owners in Aershan, they only make huge profits within two summer monthes in a whole year round, for the climate reasons, during the hottest days, you still need to have thick quilts to keep warm during the night, and the air conditioning system is only for winter use to keep warm.

Being with my family is absolutely an incredible experience, which is the perfect timing for us to open our hearts and share feelings of nature, or of everything, we went climbing, went rafting, drove by turns, making jokes, it is beyond words to describe my feelings, but happy moments can only last in my heart forever, still need to go back to work on Monday, and yeah, I do do do feeel better after this tour,and the pictures can remind me of the happy moments I once had with my dear ones.

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