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Longevity--reflection and summary on TIME report of living a better longer life

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Science and technology are the main driving forces to push the human life span to a new high, how old can we live to be? That is a good question. A new drug worked on mice lengthened their average life span from 27 months up to 48 months, a life of 1.77 times longer, what if the same drug to be used on human beings? Besides the concerns of side effects, is it highly possible to lift human life span from the average 80 years old to 142 years old? What would be the problems of living longer?


For the majority of  people, we want to live a longer life, here comes the real challenge: living a better longer life, because a long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough. The priority of all should be focused on improving the quality of our lives at all ages, especially for the senior citizens in our society, we have entered into an aging society, which puts us to a serious position of considering better overall social care for the experienced people that once devoted all their energetic life to us all. It seems that the whole society concentrates mainly on the young adults and offers little to senior people, a change of perspective is highly important since we are all gonna grow old someday, we should build a society where senior people can be mentally sharp, physically fit, and financially secure, after these three indexes are stable, the problems of aging will naturally recede.

Scientists are making great progress on the topic of longevity, some of them even have the sound proof to convince people that it is very much likely to slow down aging even to reverse it to some degree, by using a compound called rapamycin. The experiments on mice showed that they tend to live much longer life compared with the normal mice brothers, and at the same time being much more energetic, flexible, with less chances of tumors and cancers, yes, the contrast is more than obvious. Just like everything in nature, you should pay the cost of getting something you really want. In mice, it has shown that they have a 30% smaller body size than the average, and tend to develop cataracts and diabetes, the males even tend to experience gradual loss of testicular function, which is not a selling point for a future longevity treatment. Being able to live longer is happening in our daily life as nothing new, but to have a fundamental change to make it stable and achievable for everyone will take more than just time, the good news is we are on the right track, let's leave the rest to experts working on this area, and see what's gonna happen in the days to come. After all, "it must not be all that complicated, or we wouldn't be having the success that we are having" says Harrison, an expert on longevity program.

Today, 54% of the population around the world live in the cities, which also means that a large proportion of senior citizens are living in urban areas, one question pops up: where should be the best place for the senior to live? As it turns out, studies suggest that it may be the best for you just to age in place. Because as people grow older, their world tends to become smaller, and everything related even the function of the micro stuff around them would be exaggerated somehow, the people they are used to seeing or talking to, the pebble paths they are used to walking down, the shops they are used to frequenting, all in all, the most familiar, original community for the senior citizens seems to be the perfect residence.


We are all growing older by the passing of every single minute, let's check out the timeline for body parts to falter, not for the purpose of letting you down but to help you to understand the choice nature would make on us in order to live a better life with clearer awareness on making a difference early on:

★SKIN-From around 18, resilient collagen and stretchy elastin decline at 1% per year.

★LUNGS-Lung function begins dropping 1% a year at 30.

★BONES-Bone mass tends to go down hill at a rate of up to 1% per year after age of 35.

★MUSCLES-All of us lose muscle and gain fat as we age.

★EYES-By age 40, range of sight declines.

★KIDNEYS-You won't necessarily feel it, but decline in kidney function starts around 50.

★GUT-Villi in your intestine-tiny hairlike projections that absorb the nutrients in food-tend to flatten out around age 60.

★EARS-Age-induced hearing loss happens gradually, but 1 in 3 people ages 65 to 74 has it.

★HEART-Heart disease typically kicks in around age 65.

★BRAIN-By 70 you will start to see age-related brain changes speed up.

Being physically healthy seems to account for the major element of living a better longer life, but mental conditions can not be ignored at all. According to certain studies and researches that your outlook, your personality and how upbeat you are have a deep impact not just on how you feel but also on how your cells age. In a constant good mental state can definitely lead to a better life condition, though aging has a lot to do with genetics, it is how we live and think that really matters. There's nothing to be ashamed of growing old, what's scary to us all is once people are on a track of being old, they would usually fall into the stereotype that they are falling apart, so is their life and everything wonderful will just fade away, and the worst part of that mindset is yes, you do fall down to that vicious circle if you can't get hold onto something positive.

We should all value our life like today is the last day for us to be on this amazing planet, let's smile at difficulties, embrace challenges, and show love to the world in order to make it a better place. After all, this second we are having is now or never, instead of complaining or having someone else to blame, it is time to make a change. We all know that the so-called feel good slogans just won't help us to stop growing old fundamentally. People say“ I am 70 years young" and "Fifty is the new 40", true, they will bring a ray of hope and optimism to our life somehow, but the truth is no, my friend, you are not that young any more, and nope, fifty will never be the new 40, it will never even be the new 49.5. Sarcastic as it may sound, we don't have to feel beaten at all, for as long as you are doing sth to turn the table, sky is the limit, you would never know what would happen in your life, maybe it is time for you to defy gravity, and it is nothing arduous at all, just chill out and say CHEESE and showing your teeth (though they may not be as white as Nicole Kidman's) while you are taking pictures and be happy, my friends, it doesn't cost you an arm or a leg to be happy. When you feel good, everything around you will be beautiful all of a sudden and at that moment, you would not even bother to think about living 5 years or 10 years longer, for at that very moment, what u r having is everlasting, and we call it eternity. 






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