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The importance of the national soul

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It is said in America two states were going to get out of Trump‘s controling and become independent countries due to the crisis of coronavirus epidemic. The Superpower is getting into a mess on politics where the people act as the ants in the hot pot.
Some report claimed that in Russia the powerful president Mr. Putin intended to rebuild the Soviet Union! ??  Mr. Lenin founded the first socialist country after that his successors sang the political songs in different tones one after another. The local people had no solid common national spirit that was why they had to experience too many bitterness for decades!

Now all the world admire China where people can be united as a firm fist for any difficulty and challenge specially in the battle against the coronavirus. Here SEARU wants to tell foreign friends: The secret behind the successful story should be that Chinese people own strong national spirit thanks to our former great leader Chairman Mao whose deep thought has rooted in the hearts of Chinese people!All citizens act like military soldiers who have unlimited force before any task.
We are proud of our national soul! 

(I know this topic is complicated and sensitive that is beyond my language ability.  It is meaningful have discussion with friends. )

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