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What is gas in the end

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                                What is 'qi'(气)in the end

The Chinese character 气 means 'gas'. Its middle short horizon-line represents the air-flow above the tongue that you can feel when breathing; The remaining part refers to the mouth with lips and the bottom stroke indicates where the gas-flow is going:to the depth of the lungs.

We have an old saying: 人活一口气(Man lives with one mouth of air?)A man lives with non-stopping breath? Human lives to compete with others for glory (not losing face). ?   SEARU is not sure what is the right english saying. But through this sentence we can see the sense of living has too much to do with breathing. 

In China if Tom is heathy with red shining face, you may say that he 气色好(gas+color+good):His appearance is determined by the internal gas and the facial looking. Again you see that a good breathing means a lot to the health and beauty. 

Another proverb is: Man lives like a burning candle.   It is the chemical reactions between food and oxygen that offers us power for living just as petrol and air to a car.  We have spent much time and money on cooking for the mouth ,why not do the same for breathing to the lungs? 

In fact our ancestors did good lessons on martial arts including gas-controling. In childhood I saw a folk artist performed in the street who could gathered some internal gas into a ball which rolling around the stomach on that part he could bear hammer-striking!

Wild bats can safely deal with the COVID-19. Why? They are experts on the management of gas who can fly thousands km without stopping even in extreme weather conditions considering on temperature, air pressure, wind,  density of oxygen,etc.  Lives must adapt the environment and only in this they can survive.  

During our training program, we can also experience extreme conditions: high or low air pressure, the low level of oxygen in the lungs and blood.  When the viruses launch an air strike on the weak part of the body, the lungs will be badly hit before the immune system wakes up to produce antivirus cells for defence. The practice is a nice military exercise for emergency.

(So much for this night.

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